TWENTY-TWO companies pull ads from Bill O’Reilly’s show after TV show host is mired in sexual harassment allegations


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Twenty-two companies have pulled advertisements from Bill O’Reilly’s show

  • Mitsubishi, T. Rowe Price, Credit Karma, Lexus, Bayer, Wayfair, all joined growing list of companies trying to distance themselves after report emerged Saturday 
  • It remains unclear whether the move will hurt Fox revenue, since an executive said the ads will appear on different shows on the network 
  • List is set to grow since Sleeping Giants, an anonymous group that first launched a campaign against Breitbart, will now set its sights on O’Reilly’s advertisers 
  • O’Reilly and Fox News allegedly paid five women $13million to settle four cases of sexual harassment and one incident of verbal abuse in the past 15 years
  • In addition to the five, another two accused O’Reilly of inappropriate behavior 
  • The National Organization for Women called for O’Reilly to be fired on Tuesday