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I can prove, without question, that the fire was set to provide a fake precedent to blow the interstate out with pre-planted explosives. There is no way out of this, the federally published fire codes and ratings undeniably prove it could not have happened any other way!


And the fire test rating procedure and failure rating quoted was the standard government issued ASTM E119 standard fire test. GOOD LUCK ARGUING WITH THAT, DEAR CIA, BECAUSE I NOW BELIEVE YOU DID THIS.


It is important to note the guidelines for the ASTM test. That is: with fire raging under the entire length of a concrete slab, the top of the concrete (the unexposed surface,) at the length of time stated, the temperature of the top of the concrete will not go above 325 farenheit. That’s what? A thousand degrees below failure temp after 4 hours on the lowest grade concrete 7 inches thick, with the high grade stuff not going over that temperature at a little over 5 inches thick, wit 2,000 degrees on the other side of it for two hours? And the interstate, with 24 inch thick concrete everywhere, bit the dust with about 20 minutes of feeble flame, another 20 minutes of strong flame and about 8 minutes RAGING of flame that would actually match the ASTM test? GIVE ME A BREAK, the interstate was blown NO IFS OR BUTS. Maybe Trump was questioning the 911 collapses, so they had to stage another example! All the while TRUMP HAS GOT TO KNOW THAT ASTM CODE IF HE IS IN CONSTRUCTION. Yeah, when there is an agenda magic happens!

The CNN report referenced above is here:

They caught the people who started the Atlanta fire

There is speculation that they were affiliated with Black Lives Matter. However, until further details come in, I am going to say it was 3 homeless people because it matches such an early arrest. Here’s why:
There was a security camera at the scene that recorded well into the fire. Obviously this is how the police knew who it was, by looks. And the police would most likely only know who it was so quickly if they were homeless and out in the public a lot, and would only be able to catch them so quickly because they pretty much know where they will be and when. Homeless people follow patterns like everyone else. The only other explanation for the quick arrests is if the camera had facial recognition and the people who did it were in the database.

Some media outlets are saying the pipes that were lit on fire were PVC. They were not. They were HDPE, not even close to PVC chemically. This is important, because PVC does not burn nearly as well as HDPE, and HDPE basically has no limits once it starts burning.

Already there is media hoaxing saying this proves the official story of 911. Clearly it does not, because the highway was about 98 percent concrete and 2 percent steel, and it was completely open to the fire. The World Trade Center was all steel, and all of the support columns were insulated against fire. Not even close to comparable. But the scamming media will do what it will do, even when you can look at the pictures of the bridge concrete after the fire and see that the support columns for the bridge turned to lime and were no longer concrete anymore. That won’t happen to steel. But you can definitely expect the fake news media to overlook that.

Anyway, this is breaking news now,and you can see an MSM version of this story:

Massive Cover-Up Of Islamic Terror I-85 Bridge Explosion In Atlanta Now Underway

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report on the believed to be Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) bombing of a crucial bridge in Atlanta, Georgia, states that American government authorities have launched a massive cover-up of this terror attack that the US now says was caused by a first-time-in-history steel reinforced concrete bridge suddenly catching on fire, while at the same time they’re ignoring eyewitnesses to this catastrophe—including Georgian resident Bobby Barnhart, who said he was 60 yards away from this bridge when he heard several explosions and a slow rumbling before its collapse and added “It was a big sound. You could feel the vibrations.”




Where is the evidence that 3 homeless people caused this?


So powerful, in fact, was this ISIS bomb used to destroy the I-85 bridge in Atlanta, this report explains, US authorities are now reporting that over 700 feet of this bridge has to be removed and totally rebuilt—but that within 8 hours of this attack occurring, they had removed every single bit of evidence debris from, including scrubbing all evidence of fire damage away from the scene too.

Where is the evidence of melted cables or anything else that was burnt?


Where are the burn marks from the massive fire?


To the US government manufactured lies being used to explain to the American people how 700 feet of this I-85 bridge was able to be destroyed, this report says, would normally be laughable due to no one even believing the astonishing, ever changing, and impossible stories they are telling—including their stating that the Georgia transportation department stored coils of plastic conduit, used in fiber optic networks, beneath the span, but insisted they were noncombustible, that they claimed had been their since 2006 or 2007.

In order to believe this outlandish explanation, SVR analysts in this report state, is to believe that Georgia transportation authorities left unguarded hundreds-of millions of dollars worth of this fiber optic cable under the I-85 bridge—but who have, nevertheless, arrested 3 homeless people for setting on fire, and charging one of them with causing over $200 million in damage.

As to how these 3 homeless people were able to ignite hundreds-of-millions of dollars worth of virtually non-combustible and non-explosive HDPE — high-density polyethylene — pipes used in traffic management, cabling, fiber-optic and wire networks for telecommunication companies such as AT&T and Google Fiber, that Georgia transportation officials claimed was stored under the I-85 bridge for over 10 years, this report concludes, no US authority has yet to explain or show any evidence of—with SVR analysts stating that the reason why is simple: “After they got the American people to believe in the 9/11 and President Kennedy assassination fantasies. why should they care about the truth and stop now?”




Three arrested for starting blaze that caused overpass to COLLAPSE on Interstate 85 in Atlanta



Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence confirms the suspects, Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas, were arrested Friday along with Eleby, who faces a charge of criminal damage to property. Bruner and Thomas were each charged with criminal trespass. Crews (pictured) began work on the severely damaged area on Friday 


Officials said Basil Eleby, Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas were arrested on Friday in connection with the fire 

  • Eleby faces criminal damage to property charge and Bruner and Thomas were charged with criminal trespass
  • Police wouldn’t say how the fire was started or why, saying those details would be released at a later date 
  • Following the fire, construction crews were seen Friday restoring the segment of the Atlanta highway 
  • First responders said a portion of Interstate 85 collapsed Thursday due to the fire under the bridge
  • As the bridge is repaired, traffic is expected to worsen in the city, prompting a ‘travel nightmare’  
  • Aerial video showed smoke billowing from highway as firefighters extinguished blaze alongside the road


ABC News reporter Steve Osunsami described the future for commuters in the area to be a 'traffic migraine,' and said that he expects his commute to double, as he lives just a mile from the site of the incident


The state's top transportation official said there's no way to tell when the highway can be safely reopened to traffic in either direction