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Published: March 31, 2017
9/11 is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, influential events to have happened in several decades. I recall the day the planes hit the towers as if it were yesterday. Sitting in an art class while I was still in high school, we were told that due to a terror attack in the United States, we would be sent home for safety measures in case something very serious was about to unfold.

I walked home that day with 4 of my good friends as we conversed about the bizarre event that just took place moments earlier. “Imagine all of a sudden jets flew over our head as if heading to battle?” “Do you think this is the start of some war?” We asked each other.





We had no idea what had happened yet and were very curious to turn on the TV when we got home to find out more. Fast forward a year later and I remember when the countdown clock on CNN had struck zero and the US Military was now storming across the desert into Iraq to get vengeance.

This event has been the cause of incredible fear, panic and worry about terror, terrorists, radical groups, war, muslims and more. It was the catalyst for the level of security and control we now see in many aspects of our lives. We saw as rights were taken away from citizens and suddenly everyone and anyone became a potential threat. As each year passes by since 9/11, security measures get tighter and tighter, all to supposedly protect against further terrorism.

But what if the events of 9/11 were not what we were told? This was the question that plagued me and many others 10 years ago when I started to question it. This article isn’t going to be about debunking 9/11, it instead will focus on the images at hand, but I do want to say the following: I believe 9/11 was one of the biggest catalysts for human awakening on this planet – ever.

The FBI’s New Photo’s

In the quietly released new photo’s, that got very little media attention, we see various bits of debris, interesting images of the pentagon and more.

In the very first image of the release we see a photo plainly labeled “9-11 Pentagon Debris 1.” It shows a single piece of wreckage sitting isolated on a lawn. On it we see the American Airlines logo and marked with letters and numbers.


Do these pictures tell us more about what happened? Do they crush theories on what really happened? Do they challenge the official story? It’s difficult to say because in some ways they are ambiguous, in other ways they raise more questions. Looking at the overhead shots of the Pentagon further beg the question: what really hit the pentagon?


9/11 Attacks and Investigation Images: https://t.co/zwxAkLkdw0

— FBI Records Vault (@FBIRecordsVault) March 30, 2017

The true ambiguity of some of the photo’s makes you question why they would even be released since they don’t seem to show much of anything. But none the less, this provides an opportunity to further explore into the subject for those who may not have ventured into the incredible story of what took place that day -through the lens of research outside the commonly preached but no longer widely accepted story that a bunch of terrorists with box cutters hijacked planes and flew them into the towers on September 11th.

There’s plenty you can explore about the 9/11 story in our archives. You can also see the other images the FBI release here.


Why It’s Important to Question

Questioning the events of 9/11 is not a matter of insensitivity or disrespect as what’s commonly stated by politicians, governments and general citizens following suit. Instead, it’s the necessary step in following a gut or intuitive feeling that something wasn’t quite right about what we were told. Not just that, but in looking at the evidence, what we were told and what followed, there are several reasons to ask questions. And so people have.

Typically, the main challenge people have in exploring the alternative theories behind what happened that day stem from a fear of admitting that their government may not be in full control or that they may not be acting in the best interest of the people. It’s understandable how this fear could exist given the implications on our own internal stories and general worldview stability, but at the same time, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for humanity to know the truth if it were different? If you were given the choice right now to open one envelope and find out the certain truth of what happened that day, or not and continue believing whatever we were told, would you want to know the truth? Even if it meant collapsing your worldview?

I believe we are experiencing a massive shift in consciousness on this planet and a big part of that is seeing the truth about how our world truly works and functions. This shift has already prompted millions of people on this planet to explore our world to find out what is truly going on and why. This has led to incredible discoveries about elite banking systems, cabal run planetary structures, the truth about religions, our medical industries, school systems and more. It has also led to incredible spiritual awakenings and massive increases in self empowerment amongst people by breaking free from an unconscious state that has kept us viewing the world from an illusory view.

This powerful shift in consciousness is showing itself in many ways, even as simple as the lack of fulfilment we are now feeling, in intense ways, about our jobs, ways of living and how we interact with one another. We are being challenged to think outside the box, ask ourselves what we’re truly doing here and what it means to be human.

If you wish to explore this shift in consciousness in detail, feel free to check out the latest film Collective Evolution released call CE3: The Shift. You can watch it for free here.

Why are vaccines the greatest controversy of the 21st century? Because it affects so many people and because there are lies being covered up.

An incredibly new docu series is exploring this entire subject. Bringing together experts in the field, doctors, scientists and more to explore the topic in a way that has never been done before.



Turning the tables, Trump now calling for probe into alleged Clinton-Russia ties

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Shortly after Donald J. Trump became President-elect Trump, the Pretorian guard media, always on the lookout to protect Democrats, wanted to know if he was serious about investigating and, if necessary, prosecuting Hillary Clinton for any alleged criminal activity.

Most press at the time reported that no, Trump said in a meeting with editors and reporters at The New York Times, he wasn’t interested in prosecuting her because it would be “divisive for the country.”

“I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t,” Trump reportedly said. “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

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But Trump never did take the possibility of prosecution off the table. Far less reported, but noted by Fox News at the time, is the fact that Trump said “no” when asked if he is taking investigations completely off the table for both Clintons.

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And now that the Deep State, aided and abetted by the fake news establishment media, and in deference to former President Obama and Clinton, has launched a leak campaign along with the phony narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to “hack” the election, the president may have had a change of heart. (RELATED: Russia threatens to release Obama Admin secrets if Deep State leaks don’t stop.)

As reported by Breitbart, Trump used his Twitter account on Monday to openly question why lawmakers looking into the various deals, connections and transactions between Hillary and husband former President Bill Clinton with Russia, of which there are many.

“Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech,” he tweeted, followed by, “…money to Bill, the Hillary Russian “reset,” praise of Russia by Hillary, or Podesta Russian Company. Trump Russia story is a hoax.”

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By the way, though the lamestream Alt-Left media will go ape-stuff crazy trying to “fact check” Trump’s allegations, you don’t have to look any further than The New York Times itself, which reported these facts in April 2015. In addition, the allegations were covered in a book called “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, who is Breitbart News’ editor-at-large.

The website noted further:

The facts found in Clinton Cash, reported by the NYT, and deemed accurate by establishment media, reveal how Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State coincided with the influx of tens of millions of dollars from foreign sources into the Clinton Foundation which resulted in favorable actions for Russia’s government.

The fact is, the Clinton Foundation was little more than a foreign money conduit for the Clintons, where governments and interested parties would essentially pay for access, favors and, importantly, future access to a President Hillary Clinton – which, of course, didn’t happen.

Important to note, which is all documented in The Hillary Files, a white paper by the editors of NewsTarget:

— The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from a number of investors in Uranium One, a company based in Canada with mining interests in the United States. A majority stake in the company was sold off to Russia’s nuclear energy agency, Rosatom, which needed approval from the Clinton State Department. The Times reported, “The sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States.”

— Donations to the Clinton Foundation from executives of Russia-owned Uranium One exceeded $145 million.

— Uranium One chairman Ian Telfer made four foreign donations of $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation as the deal was being negotiated. But, as the Times and The Hillary Files noted, those donations were never disclosed by Hillary Clinton, despite the fact she signed an agreement with Obama that she would publicly disclose all donations to the foundation. (RELATED: Con artist Clinton: Millions of dollars in fraud revealed after Clinton Foundation server hacked.)

— During this time, Bill Clinton received a half-million dollars for one speech in Moscow, paid for by “a Russian investment bank that had ties to the Kremlin,” the New Yorker reported.

“Why was Bill Clinton taking any money from a bank linked to the Kremlin while his wife was Secretary of State?” asks the publication.

President Trump – and tens of millions of Americans – want to know.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.








Elixir of Youth? Harvard scientist claims NMN drug knocked 20 years off his age – and given his 77-year-old father the energy of a 30-year-old

It is claimed the NMN pill is key to reversing the process of human ageing

  • The NMN pill could be key in reversing the effects of ageing
  • It was developed by Austrailian scientist Professor David Sinclair
  • He has spent two decades investigating how to ‘cure’ ageing 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4370092/Is-pink-pill-elixir-youth.html#ixzz4d0bbG5tR

Three arrested for starting blaze that caused overpass to COLLAPSE on Interstate 85 in Atlanta



Deputy Insurance Commissioner Jay Florence confirms the suspects, Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas, were arrested Friday along with Eleby, who faces a charge of criminal damage to property. Bruner and Thomas were each charged with criminal trespass. Crews (pictured) began work on the severely damaged area on Friday 


Officials said Basil Eleby, Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas were arrested on Friday in connection with the fire 

  • Eleby faces criminal damage to property charge and Bruner and Thomas were charged with criminal trespass
  • Police wouldn’t say how the fire was started or why, saying those details would be released at a later date 
  • Following the fire, construction crews were seen Friday restoring the segment of the Atlanta highway 
  • First responders said a portion of Interstate 85 collapsed Thursday due to the fire under the bridge
  • As the bridge is repaired, traffic is expected to worsen in the city, prompting a ‘travel nightmare’  
  • Aerial video showed smoke billowing from highway as firefighters extinguished blaze alongside the road



ABC News reporter Steve Osunsami described the future for commuters in the area to be a 'traffic migraine,' and said that he expects his commute to double, as he lives just a mile from the site of the incident


The state's top transportation official said there's no way to tell when the highway can be safely reopened to traffic in either direction 


Witnesses said that Atlanta state troopers were telling cars to turn around on the bridge minutes before it collapsed because they were concerned about its integrity

‘Everybody & his brother tried to hack the DNC!’ – Ex-CIA analyst [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 31, 2017

Wikileaks’ latest release of documents describes the CIA’s “Marble” tool, which allows them to mask the origins of their own hacks and falsely attribute them to Russian, Chinese, or other actors. Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss the bombshell revelations and what they might tell us regarding the 2016 presidential election.