Shocking Documentary – How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It (Mirror) [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 11, 2013

This is a very thought provoking and eye opening video. Propaganda has now become the policy of the U.S government against its citizens. So it is hard to know what is the truth. The U.S. Military Corporate Industrial Complex has truly systematically ‘destabilized’, and even destroyed 8 countries just since 9/11 (inside job). I know much of this video is very true from all of my research. Please, open your mind and allow yourself to be ‘disillusioned’, we HAVE been ‘duped’, lied to, betrayed, and defrauded. Wake up and smell our doom!!! The Bankster NWO desperately, want to control the world. Watch and question all this for yourself? At least realize, how much consumerist, propagandist, and fascist mind control is bombarding us, if nothing else!
Could North Korea (Iran) be standing in their way?!!
Original Date and Information from Remixed Video:


May 2, 2013
North Korea is only one of a few places that the banksters have not infiltrated. Could this and this docu. info. be the reason why the west do not like North Korea and perhaps want to silence them? Could if be that they have sussed out everything that most in the west have not? Are you aware that you are being mind controlled today and never knew it until now after seeing this documentary? It is shocking so beware. Please see also on B1uebott1e1 – Oust The Banksters + Corruption – Restore The Bradbury Pound Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)