Anonymous – The King of NWO Has Fallen! What Happens Now… (Operation Rockefeller) [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 21, 2017

Anonymous – The King of NWO Has Fallen Operation David Rockefeller Message

Anonymous Message David Rockefeller Dead Operation New World Order News Current Events 2017

This is our opportunity to lay to rest all of the rumors, and hammer the final nail in the coffin on this subject matter, for future generations to review and learn a valuable lesson relating to how wealth and power can grow completely out of control and destroy liberty in the pursuit to gain more centralized Governmental control over the lives of many, to benefit the lives of the few. Thank you for your interest and help to expose corrupt public figures in positions of power, and please standby patiently as we communicate among each other and prepare this data release together. To the Rockefeller Family, though, we do respect a life well-lived, and we respect the very nature of death itself, we are Anonymous, we do not forgive or respect what elite members of your family had attempted to do to us with their power. And we do not forget, just as karma always gives back what it receives – you should had already known to expect us.