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Congresswoman MAXINE WATERS: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’, ‘Very Powerful For 2016 Election!’ [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 23, 2017

“The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday.
“That’s going to be very, very powerful,” Waters said. “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”


What Economic Recovery? Retailers To Close 3,951 Stores

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News Articles:
1. Survival of Sears and Kmart Is in Doubt, Owner Warns

2. J.C. Penney to Close Down 138 Stores

3. On last day, Westland Macy’s customers buy up fixtures

4. The Limited Is Closing All 250 of Its Stores

5. Payless reportedly eyes bankruptcy filing, up to 500 store closings

6. These 21 Retailers Are Closing 3,591 Stores — Who Is Next?



BIOSLUDGE BREW? California brewery now making beer out of recycled human sewage water… for real


(Natural News) Stone Brewing, the country’s ninth largest brewery based in Southern California, has recently introduced a beer made with treated sewage water. The company unveiled five barrels of their latest brew, called Full Circle pale ale, at an event Thursday last week to the approval of curious customers. The craft beer was made with 100% recycled water from San Diego’s Pure Water demonstration plant in Miramar.

“This particular water will just help us not require so much natural water to come in and give us a more reliable source. So for us to be able to reuse, that’s part of our mantra, that’s part of what we do,” said Stone Brewing’s chief operating officer Pat Tiernan.

The recycled water used in the beer only required some salts prior to the brewing process. The craft beer was made with three malts and three hops. Full Circle features a clean beer taste with a hint of caramel and tropical fruit notes. Full Circle is currently not available to the public.

The launch of their new craft beer was part of the city’s $3 billion initiative called Pure Water San Diego. The program aims to get a third of its water supply from recycled sources by 2021. That equates to about 30 million gallons of treated water consumed per day. San Diego City officials hope to process enough recycled water by 2035 to meet at least a third of the city’s drinking water supply.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the creation of Full Circle is an example of what the water treatment project may hold in the future.

San Diego pushes for self-sufficiency with $3 billion reclaimed water project

San Diego City’s water treatment initiative, which began in 2011, aims to counter the effects of drought on water supply, and to prevent the city from relying too much on outside sources for water. Roughly 85% of the city’s water supply comes from outside sources that are located hundreds of miles away. The project has the potential to help San Diego secure its own water supply by transforming up to 83 million gallons of waste water into safe, potable water for daily consumption by 2035. According to Brent Eidson, Deputy Director of External Affairs at San Diego’s Public Utilities Department, the project’s water filtration process goes through five stages of purification and nearly clears the water of everything.

The city has moved to expedite the program to secure its water supply from potential calamities concerning two of its primary water sources. The Colorado River, being one, has become notorious for its history of droughts. New research indicates that global warming may further exacerbate its already-depleting flow by as much as 35% by 2100. “If you’ve been aware of the hydrology over the last few years, it’s been stressful, it’s been strained. We know here in California droughts are cyclical in nature and become a little bit more longstanding and harder to predict when they’re going to break. We want to make sure we’re not at the whim of some atmospheric rivers that may or may not come this year,” Eidson stated.

On the other hand, the Northern California Bay Delta is likely to suffer greatly when a major disaster such as a massive earthquake strikes the area, Eidson said. “The levees [along the San Francisco Bay] are definitely old and in need of infrastructure. If certain ones were to fail we could have significant seawater intrusion into the raw water supply, which means we would be cut off anywhere from six months to a year,” Eidson added.

We can only hope the water recycling system also removes all the pharmaceuticals, pesticides, hormone disruptors and heavy metals found in human biosludge. Watch the video documentary trailer at Biosludged.com to learn more.









Life after death is real, concludes scientific study of 2,000 patients

(NaturalNews) In the largest such study ever conducted, researchers have found evidence that consciousness continues even after brain activity has ceased. This evidence of life after death came from a study led by researchers from the University of Southampton and published in the journal Resuscitation.

“Contrary to perception, death is not a specific moment but a potentially reversible process that occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning,” lead researcher Dr. Sam Parnia said. “If attempts are made to reverse this process, it is referred to as ‘cardiac arrest’; however, if these attempts do not succeed it is called ‘death.’ ”

Nearly 40 percent of those interviewed recalled experiencing some form of awareness after cardiac arrest (being pronounced clinically dead).

Wide diversity of near-death experiences

The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study sought to use the scientific method to investigate the experiences typically described by the imprecise terms near-death experience (NDE) and out-of-body experience (OBE). Researchers interviewed 2,060 patients who had survived cardiac arrest from 15 hospitals across Austria, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“In this study we wanted to go beyond the emotionally charged yet poorly defined term of NDEs to explore objectively what happens when we die,” Dr. Parnia said.

The researchers found that 39 percent of cardiac arrest survivors interviewed described a sense that they had been “aware” following cardiac arrest. But many had no specific memories associated with the perception.

“This suggests more people may have mental activity initially but then lose their memories after recovery, either due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory recall,” Dr. Parnia said.

Of those who reported a perception of awareness, only 2 percent described an experience consistent with the popular idea of an OBE, such as seeing or hearing events taking place around their bodies. Nine percent reported experiences consistent with the popular idea of an NDE, such as feelings of warmth or the presence of a light. Forty-six percent, however, reported experiences that were not consistent with either an OBE or an NDE, including fearful or persecutory experiences.

Clinical confirmation of out-of-body experience

Perhaps the study’s most significant finding was what may be the first-ever clinical confirmation of an OBE. In this case, a 57-year-old social worker accurately reported things that were happening around him after his brain activity had ceased.

“This is significant, since it has often been assumed that experiences in relation to death are likely hallucinations or illusions,” said Dr. Parnia said, “occurring either before the heart stops or after the heart has been successfully restarted, but not an experience corresponding with ‘real’ events when the heart isn’t beating.

“In this case, consciousness and awareness appeared to occur during a three-minute period when there was no heartbeat. This is paradoxical, since the brain typically ceases functioning within 20-30 seconds of the heart stopping and doesn’t resume again until the heart has been restarted. Furthermore, the detailed recollections of visual awareness in this case were consistent with verified events.”

The man’s memories were not only accurate but even helped the researchers place his experience in time.

“The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly, he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three minute intervals. So we could time how long the [experience] lasted for,” Dr. Parnia said.

“He seemed very credible and everything that he said had happened to him had actually happened.”

“The researchers are to be congratulated on the completion of a fascinating study that will open the door to more extensive research into what happens when we die,” wrote Dr. Jerry Nolan, editor-in-chief of Resuscitation.





“Devil’s breath” drug that could turn anyone into a mindless zombie now FDA-approved

Image: “Devil’s breath” drug that could turn anyone into a mindless zombie now FDA-approved

Urban myths in South America are replete with stories about the horrors of a potent drug that could allegedly sap a person’s free will, effectively turning him into a zombie. While the idea might seem to be merely a recreation of the fantastical zombie myth, the fact is, it really exists. The drug that could completely deprive a person of his free will is out there — and you could be its next victim.

Scopolamine, the drug in question, is derived from a number of trees native to South America. Nicknamed “the devil’s breath,” Daily Mail reports that scopolamine “turns people into complete zombies and blocks memories from forming. So even after the drug wears off, victims have no recollection as to what happened.” Imagine, if this drug were to be widely used by criminal organizations, the repercussions would be terrifying.

FDA-approved drug saps human will and turns people into obedient zombies


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Now, if you think the effects of scopolamine are akin to what’s currently going on with millions of brainwashed, corporate slaves in America today, then that’s because drug companies have actually turned scopolamine into an FDA-approved prescription drug.

Offered under the name “Transderm Scop,” the scopolamine drug is now sold as a transdermal patch designed to be placed right behind the ear, for easier absorption into one’s bloodstream.

When the scopolamine chemical enters the bloodstream, it immediately affects the brain, turning a normal human being into a clueless hypnosis subject who believes and obeys anything he or she hears. For instance, if the scopolamine user happens to be watching MSNBC while absorbing this drug, they might mindlessly come to believe that they’re supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s utterly amazing. Right.

Combine scopolamine with the effects of mass fluoridation and widespread antidepressant drug use and you get none other than modern day America — a society that laps up whatever the mainstream media says and follows whatever Big Pharma advises.

If you want to save yourself from becoming one of corporate America’s mindless zombies, learn more about the alarming effects of “the world’s scariest drug” by watching this VICE documentary.

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