The wrong day to wear THAT t-shirt! Hilarious police mugshots show villains wearing VERY appropriate slogans on their tops


Mugshots show convicts wearing t-shirts with remakably astute slogans

  • There’s the man just under arrest wearing a bright orange ‘guilty’ top – and the woman sporting an ‘I’ve been naughty’ t-shirt as she looks at the camera
  • Other garment funnies include a felon wearing a shirt that reads: ‘I’d like to apologise in advance’ top




Say it how it is: This sheepish-looking convict's attire reveals all 


JAIL 44444444444444


In case you're asking, yes, I'm guilty, no, it wasn't my fault: This woman offers an icy stare and some repetition 


JAIL 55555555555555


Assuming he's charged, this man has his prison outfit all sorted - how organised...


He may look tight-lipped...but this chap may have been found out by his own clothes


Guess his day didn't go according to plan! A embarrassed-looking felon avoids eye contact with the mugshot camera 


Like puzzles? Work this one out...or is he simply talking about himself