‘I had to explain that you can’t use bug spray on pubic crabs’: Doctors reveal the dumbest patients they have EVER treated

Medics have taken to secret-sharing app Whisper to reveal the stupidest people they have ever treated, including a person who thought it was safe to use home insecticide to deal with pubic crabs

  • Medical professionals took to secret-sharing app Whisper to reveal their stories
  • Many are truly bizarre, including a patient who used catheter bag as a water gun
  • Others more worrying, such as woman who thought under-18s couldn’t have babies


Some of the confessions are less amusing, such as that of a woman who said she could not be pregnant because she had not turned 18


This doctor had to tell their patient off for using a catheter bag - which drains the bladder - as a water gun


And another medic told their patient not to eat their own faeces, reminding them 'it is not good for you'


This doctor remembered a patient asking them to check their pulse to 'see if it's beating'


Another patient appeared to have very little knowledge of sexual health, not knowing that herpes cannot be cured outright


This doctor said: 'I had one young lady come up to me and tell me her grandmother was on her period because there was blood in the toilet'. However, she was 100-years-old and had hemorrhoids 


One person asked why the 'black marks' on their arms would not come off. They turned out to be tattoos


Another patient asked their doctor why they were not losing weight despite having a salad with their meals, forgetting to mention they did not actually eat it


This medic wrote: 'There have been instances where women don't even know their own anatomy and weren't aware they don't pee out of their vagina'


Another doctor recounted a patient who screamed that they could not breathe - not realising the fact that they were making so much noise meant they probably could 


This person, who has a cousin who works as an ambulance technician, recounted a particularly outrageous story
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