BRAZIL OLYMPICS LASTING LEGACY? : Dilapidated Olympic venues in Rio just SEVEN MONTHS after the event

These shocking images, taken yesterday, show the remains of a practice pool in front of the Olympic Aquatics stadium at the Olympic Park in Rio

  • Shocking pictures show arenas used during the Olympic and Paralympic Games last year in disrepair
  • An estimated $12 billion was spent on the Games, with nearly the same being spent on the 2014 World Cup
  • The area has been subject to legal ownership battles and unpaid bills since the triumphant event last summer
  • International Olympic Committee published action plan earlier this week outlining the future of the venues 

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The Olympic Golf course, which is where British golfer Justin Rose scooped the gold medal for the Men's Individual category, is now partially degraded


A series of chess tables, built to entertain the 500,000 foreign visitors who flocked to the South American city last summer, have been left abandoned


The remains of the tennis facilities (right), located near the aquatics stadium (top left), are surrounded by cracked roads and pavements


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