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The Open and Shut Case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lone Assassin [VIDEO]


Published on Mar 15, 2017


Insider: Trump Was Told Clintons Are Dying (Conspiracy)

President Trump has been told that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying, according to a White House insider who works closely with the president.

President Trump has been told that Bill and Hillary Clinton are dying, according to a White House insider who works closely with the president.

A merciful Trump took pity on Bill and Hillary Clinton upon hearing of their ill-health. Not because he approves of pedophilia, corruption, or murder. No, because he is a spiritual man who can see that karma has caught up with them and is about to pay them back with a vengeance.

“Their fate in hell far exceeds any punishment we could impose on that pair. We must concentrate on the network of crooks, pedophiles and traffickers that exist right now and prosecute them with the full force of the law,” Trump told the team in a closed-door meeting at the White House.

Trump also believes that the Clintons are a fading force in US politics. Bill’s career is well and truly over and Hillary is a thoroughly defeated figure, languishing at rock bottom in nationwide approval rating polls.

It is believed that a blockbuster Clinton trial would destabilize a country already racked by division, and a guilty verdict would transform the deeply unpopular duo from despised and rejected figures into undeserved martyrs.

President Trump, playing the long game, does not wish to give the DNC this gift.

According to the White House insider it is former president Obama, who has been ignoring the customary peaceful transferral of power, who is viewed as the greater threat to the Trump presidency.

The White House insider also explained that the leaks coming out of the White House would “soon dry up” as Obama-era holdovers were removed, and staff loyal to the president were appointed to key positions of trust.

The leaks, “half-truths and outright lies“, have been pounced on by mainstream media and used to smear President Trump.

On Friday dozens of US Attorneys were given notice to hand in their resignations, as Trump continues cleaning house and streamlining government.


Trump’s White House follows Obama’s lead telling court NOT to locate more of Hillary’s emails

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  • The Trump Justice Department argued the same thing that the Obama Justice Department did in an ongoing case over Hillary Clinton’s emails
  • Using the same lawyer, the Trump administration argued that a case is ‘moot,’ which asks the government to seek out more Clinton messages 
  • The two groups behind the lawsuit were miffed that the Trump administration would take the same position as President Obama  

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California elementary school bans TAG because it is ‘too rough’: Students face punishment if they are caught playing the game

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  • Gold Ridge Elementary School in Folsom, California has been the popular, age old game of tag
  • Apparently some students were getting too rough with tagging each other
  • Kids who insist on playing tag could be punished with a parent-teacher conference 

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8 US Navy officers held $50,000 party for 3 days with prostitutes and an orgy


Eight Navy officers ‘held a raging $50,000 party over several days which featured a rotating cast of prostitutes and an orgy where General Douglas MacArthur memorabilia was used in sex acts’

  • Nine military men were indicted for the ‘Fat Leonard’ bribe scandal on Tuesday
  • Eight Navy officers – including an admiral- and one Marine were indicted 
  • They are accused of taking bribes in the form of prostitutes, gifts and hotels
  • In return they would give Leonard Glenn Francis – aka Fat Leonard- military info
  • Francis pleaded guilty to defrauding the US military tens of millions of dollars
  • Admiral Bruce Loveless was one of the men accused in the massive scandal
  • United States and Singapore authorities filed criminal charges against 27 people

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4314394/Eight-Navy-officers-accused-Fat-Leonard-scandal.html#ixzz4bOj8v1Qr