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8 Signs Hillary Clinton Will Be Arrested And Charged Soon

There are 8 signs since the inauguration of President Trump that point to a coming prosecution for Bill, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.COKE 111111111111111

There are eight signs since the inauguration of President Trump that point to a coming prosecution for Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Before I begin, let us review highly pertinent details to the case.



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James Comey withheld a criminal indictment recommendation for Hillary despite the fact that he indicated under oath that Hillary broke the law. Based on the emails that were recovered from her server, more than 100 pieces of classified, secret and top-secret information were found. But the classified information that the FBI currently has in its possession is just one small piece of the puzzle.


The bigger question is why were the 33,000 emails deleted?

What information was contained in these emails? It was information so explosive that Hillary Clinton risked jail time by destroying the records.

During Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state, two explosive child trafficking cases occurred that were covered up by the state department. One was the case of alleged missionary Laura Silsby who tried to traffic 32 children after the Haiti earthquake of 2010. The US mainstream media painted Silsby as a simple missionary trying to help the children. But WikiLeaks told us a very different story. She was not a simple missionary. Silsby was in direct contact with the state department, and Hillary herself.

Ten leaders, including Silsby, were arrested and held in jail as they awaited the outcome of their case. WikiLeaks provided an email involving Hillary’s fixer, Patrick Kennedy, who was part of a secret thread discussing how the State department could hide the missionaries from the media once they were released from jail.

The second child trafficking case involved Howard Gutman, the 33rd ambassador to Belgium, who attempted to solicit children while he was in office. Despite the stunning allegations against him, including an official report proving he engaged in child trafficking, the case received almost no attention from mainstream media in the US.

WikiLeaks also had a file on Gutman. He was a top fundraiser for the Democrats in 2008. Guess who got Gutman off the hook? Patrick Kennedy. He scrubbed the official records of Gutman’s horrific crimes. We will return to Patrick Kennedy later in this article.

Here are the 8 signs that a major prosecution is coming against Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. 

1. Anthony Weiner

The former Democratic congressman is facing child pornography charges and is co-operating with prosecutors by informing on the Clintons in return for them dropping their case against him.

Just before the election, 656 files were found on Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s laptop. During the search investigators also found classified emails from Hillary, which is why they opened up her case again, before, just two days before the election, alerting Congress they were not pressing charges against Hillary.

As it turns out, this is not Anthony Weiner’s first time contacting a minor. He is a serial offender. Wikileaks revealed that top Clinton aides including John Podesta discussed Weiner’s first offense with a minor but did nothing about it. For almost five months as Obama finished his term, the FBI did not recommend charges for Weiner.

But now, right at the start of Trump’s term, Weiner is facing charges with a minimum of 15 years in prison, and registration as a sex offender – unless he informs on “bigger fish” Bill and Hillary Clinton.?? FBI sources indicate Weiner is “singing like a bird.

2. Jeffrey Epstein

Just a few days before reports that charges were coming against Weiner, a close friend of Hillary and Bill, Jeffrey Epstein, was hit with a massive new lawsuit involving child trafficking. A woman, whose name has not been revealed, filed a case alleging she was part of a child trafficking ring led by Epstein. This lawsuit appears to have been filed just after Trump’s inauguration.

Previously, Epstein and his best friend Prince Andrew were recipients of lawsuits by women who claimed  that they were part of a trafficking scheme that was being led by the world’s most powerful elites. It seems there are others involved, including Alan Derschowitz and Bill Clinton, both of whom were frequent fliers on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, the Lolita Express.

If Epstein is hauled into court again he could reveal damaging information about Bill Clinton.

3. Clinton Global Initiative 

The Clinton Global Initiative is closing down. Many believe the Initiative was operating as a pay-for-play scheme. After Hillary was defeated they are no longer receiving any money. There is significant evidence that the Global Initiative received donations of hundreds of millions of dollars every single year with the donations coming from CEOs, Saudi royalty, kings and queens, major corporations and Hollywood actors, including Brock Pierce.

A child actor who starred in the Mighty Ducks movies, Brock Pierce later became a spokesman for the Clinton Global Initiative. Later he was implicated in a child sex trafficking ring, including two of his business partners, Chad Shackley and Mark Collins-Rector. Pierce has given major speeches on behalf of the initiative.

The other actor is Steven Colbert, who was one of the first celebrities to publicly mock the idea of an elite child trafficking ring. Not unsurprisingly, we know from WikiLeaks that Steven Colbert was literally taking orders from the Clinton Global Initiative on what he could and couldn’t say during segments of his show, the Colbert Report. His mockery of child trafficking rumors wasn’t his own doing. It came from his bosses, Bill and Hillary.

Back in 2014 Colbert actually toured with the CGI and raised money for the organization. Who did the Global Initiate give money to? We know that $2.5 million was given to a small non-profit called Beyond Borders, located in Washington DC.

Beyond Borders claims that it is an organization that fights child trafficking in Haiti. We also know that the CGI was involved financially with the Radcliffe Foundation, led by billionaire Frank Giustra. Bill Clinton took trips around the world with Giustra, including to Haiti.

The Radcliffe Foundation funds several camps to help refugees, including one called El Pida. On their website El Pida has a photo on their website of a blue triangle, which is one of a handful of symbols internatinally recognized a a pedophile/child trafficking symbol. We also see a picture of a heart inside of a heart, which is another symbol identified by the FBI in 2007.

Why did the money suddenly dry up? Are the donors now afraid they will be implicated in a litigation bought against Hillary and the Clinton Foundation?

4. Haiti

On February 3 2017 the Daily Mail reported that the Clinton Foundation was cutting off their Haiti programs, which included millions of dollars in donations that allegedly were meant to fight child trafficking. Additionally, an initiative that was led by Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra in Haiti is also being cut off.

The Clinton Foundation claims that they invested millions of dollars in Haiti recovery, so an abrupt severing of the ties with the non-profits there is very strange indeed. Immediately after this the Jamaica Observer reported that a child trafficking ring was busted and 33 girls were rescued in Haiti.

There is a pattern developing here. When the Clinton Foundation cuts off money to a country, child trafficking rings immediately get exposed. More on that coming up.

5. Patrick Kennedy

That man again, Patrick Kennedy, Hillary’s fixer, was fired from the State Department although mainstream media claims he resigned. Kennedy was one of the first people President Trump fired – but why?

Kennedy was a lifelong State Department employee, one of the most knowledgeable employees, with a great understanding of the ins and outs. He carried out a quid pro quo to cover up Hillary’s 33,000 missing emails. He covered up Laura Silsby’s case of trafficking 33 children. He covered up Howard Gutman’s child sex trafficking case.

We saw further confirmation Patrick Kennedy was involved in a quid pro quo after the FBI quietly released 178 pages of data on Hillary’s missing data. This was part 6 of their data dump on Hillary, indicating that there was a revolt underway inside the FBI against the Clintons. The files were declassified just after the election, and they weren’t released until after Obama left office.

One page proved Patrick Kennedy was intricately involved in the cover up of Hillary’s emails. But there is more. WikiLeaks posted a reference to the sixth document dump from the FBI about the investigation into Hillary’s emails. Right after this they tweeted an image of the Svalbad sea vault, which is located in Norway.

Right after Clinton lost the election Norway announced they would reduce donations to the Clinton Foundation by 90%. Just three days after this announcement a massive child trafficking ring was busted, suspected of involving members of the government. The New York Times and Washington Post published articles about this bust, but they removed them without any explanation.

We might actually be very close to knowing the truth. Another file released by the FBI stated that James Comey has the missing content from Hillary’s server and that Loretta Lynch may have acted unconstitutionally. It appears the FBI has had the emails for quite some time.

Guilty people try to hide things. They hide secrets.

A federal judge today hit the Obama administration with a blistering opinion, claiming that the Department of Homeland Security is actually encouraging human smugglers along the southern border.” The Kelly File, Fox News:


For those who claim that it’s all just a conspiracy theory, that the evidence I have provided is merely hype and nothing more, consider the following cases. Journalist and talking heads also said Jerry Sandusky’s case was a conspiracy, before he admitted it wasn’t.

The Vatican dismissed multiple claims of child abuse among priests as a hoax, until they were forced to admit the abuse was widespread, and were forced to pay more than $4 billion in claims to victims.

And many simply ignored claims of protestors in the 90s that the BBC was operating a child trafficking ring and enabling celebrities like Jimmy Savile. That is until the woman who blew the whistle against the BBC turned up dead. In 1999 Jill Dando was shot to death for her conspiracy theory that turned out to be a fact.

Please do not repeat the same mistakes as people in the past. Do not believe the mainstream media. Investigate for yourselves. You will find that child trafficking is happening right now among the most elite organizations in the world. In fact, a major trafficking bust was just carried in Los Angeles County. Huh? Think about all those celebrities who gave a standing ovation for a man named Roman Polanski.

Thousands of pedophiles have been arrested across the country since President Trump took office, under a mainstream media blackout. But both Ivanka Trump and Kellyann Conway have hinted at the administration’s work behind the scenes, tackling the problem.

6. FBI

Just before the election Fox News anchor Bret Baier spent four entire days reporting on an FBI enquiry into the Clinton Foundation. Baier stated that his sources had obtained evidence and were preparing to press charges against the Foundation and that investigation would continue after the election.

These investigators are building a case. They are gathering evidence and as investigators do they feel strongly about the evidence they have. But they still have to present it to a prosecutor and then that prosecutor has to go before a grand jury. That’s the process. If not a DOJ prosecutor, then perhaps a special prosecutor that could only be appointed by the Attorney General. The people we talked to said they believe they have a lot of evidence and will continue pushing for an indictment after the election,” he said.

At the same time as Baier’s reporting, Michael Flynn made a clear reference to the Clinton Foundation and it’s involvement in child trafficking. Naturally he was the first of Trump’s cabinet on Hillary’s hitlist. He wasn’t the only one who was critical of the Clintons. Jeff Sessions, who has also been under attack, called for an investigation into the foundation. So did Congressman Mike Pompeo, who I believe could be the next victim.

All three of these cabinet members for Trump were appointed on the very same day and all three of them were very outspoken about Hillary’s crimes.

7. Congress

Congress has already bought actions against Hillary. Jason Chaffetz sent a letter to Jeff Sessions demanding that Brian Pagliano be charged or bought before a grand jury. Pagliano was Hillary’s IT personnel who set up her server. If action is taken against Pagliano, it will open a door to Hillary.

I would remind people that the State Department itself still has an open investigation. One of the things we need help from the Trump administration is to get all the documents that we need, to come to this conclusion,” said Jason Chaffetz.

8. Timothy Sedlak

One of the most visible stories implicating the Clinton Foundation was released on Feburary 23rd 2017. It involves a man named Timothy Sedlak who claims he was a private investigator. Sedlak was previously convicted as a sex offender and sentenced to 42 years in prison for crimes against children. He just recently pleased guilty to trying to hack the Clinton Foundation.

According to investigators, Sedlak had significant information about HIllary and Chelsea Clinton at his home. Sedlak claimed that he was investigating Hillary’s ties to radical militants, but I believe he was doing something else. What does Timothy Sedlak know about the Clinton Foundation?

While Trump has been cordial to the Clintons in public since his stunning win, that could change very, very soon.



BUSTED: Kremlin reveals that Hillary Clinton’s staff met with Russian ambassador during the election



Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, revealed that not only did Donald Trump’s team meet with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, but so too did Hillary Clinton staff hold meetings with the Russian diplomat.

There is nothing wrong with presidential candidates and their staff members meeting with Ambassadors, this is common practice, and part of the preparation for the job…but the hypocrisy emanating from the liberal left and mainstream media in their ongoing witch hunt to delegitimize President Trump over staff meetings with Russian officials, while their “chosen candidate” was also doing the same is very telling.

Peskov noted that Moscow was perplexed about the unfounded cloud of suspicion around the Trump administration and his imaginary ties to the Kremlin…

“The fact that Russia is being demonised in that sense comes very strange to us.”

“And we are really sorry about that. Because the whole issue takes us away from getting the situation to a better position.”

“Quite unexpectedly, we were in the position where Russia became, shall we say, a nightmare for the United States.”

“You are self-humiliating yourself to say that a country can intervene.”

“America, a huge country – the most powerful country in the world, with very, very stable political traditions – and you say that a country can easily intervene and easily influence your electoral process? This is simply impossible.”

Further debunking the Trump-Russia “fake news” being spread by mainstream media is the revelation that the HRC campaign was also meeting with Russian officials as The Telegraph UK reports

Hillary Clinton’s team members met with the Russian ambassador during the election as well as Donald Trump’s, the Kremlin spokesman has alleged, as he set out to dismiss the “hysteria” surrounding Mr Trump’s links to Russia.


The house intelligence committee will hold its first session on Russia on March 20, with the heads of the FBI, national security agency and CIA expected to appear, plus previous intelligence chiefs.

But Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for Vladimir Putin, said on Sunday that America was “self-humiliating” in insisting that Russia hacked its election.

And he defended the actions of their ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, whose meeting with Michael Flynn, Mr Trump’s choice of national security adviser, caused Mr Flynn to lose his job. He was fired after just 24 days when it became clear that he had lied about meeting the Russian, and misled the vice president.

“This is his job,” said Mr Peskov, speaking on CNN’s Sunday morning politics show. “He was talking about bilateral relations, about what is going on in the United States, so we have a better understanding in Moscow.

“This is what happens all around the world.”

He said that members of Mrs Clinton’s team had also met with Mr Kislyak, although he did not give specifics.

“Well, if you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind,” he said. “There are lots of specialists in politology, people working in think tanks advising Hillary or advising people working for Hillary.”

Mrs Clinton’s team is yet to comment on the allegations.

But earlier this month Foreign Policy reported that no one from the former secretary of state’s campaign met with Mr Kislyak or any other Russian official. The magazine also reported that all the other candidates kept the embassy “at arm’s length”.

And supporters of Mrs Clinton would point out that the problem did not come from meeting the ambassador, but rather failing to disclose it.


Asked about whether he expected Mr Trump to lift sanctions, Mr Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin would not raise the issue first. There is no date yet for a meeting, but the pair will both be at the G20 Summit in Hamburg in July.

Mr Putin, he said, was pleased that Mr Trump defeated Mrs Clinton, but he insisted that Russia did not intervene.

“The candidate Hillary Clinton was quite negative – declaring Russia the main evil, the main threat,” he said.

“Whom would you like better – the one that says Russia is evil? Or the one that says yes, we disagree, but let’s find points of agreement?”

He said his initial contact with Mr Trump was “quite promising”, but Russia was increasingly disappointed with the response from the Trump administration.

“We don’t have a proper understanding of the future,” he said. “We certainly would expect our contacts to be more frequent, more in depth, because we had quite a significant pause.

“We were losing potential by blaming everything on Earth on each other.

“We do worry. Public opinion – if you load with a huge burden of fake news, fake blaming on Russia, repeat every day numerous times that Russia is interfering, guilty of trying to hack, that everything that goes wrong in the country is the fault of Russia.

“We want to see this hysteria coming to its logic end. Better sooner than later.”



NY Times Goes Back and CHANGES January Headline from “Wiretapped” to “Intercepted” to Bash Trump


Then this week after President Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower.

NYT 44444444444


The New York Times refuted President Trump’s claims of wiretapping.

Then the New York Times went back and changed their previous headline.

The headline now reads:
“Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Asso…

NY Times Goes Back and CHANGES January Headline from “Wiretapped” t…




Obama takes the shadow presidency to Silicon Valley as he holds a secret meeting with tech bosses in San Jose after lunching with Warren Buffett

Barack Obama visited Silicon Valley for a secret meeting with tech bosses on Sunday

  • Barack Obama visited Silicon Valley for a secret meeting with tech bosses
  • Prior to that, he had a lunch with billionaire business magnate Warren Buffett
  • Obama has faced calls to lead the liberal resistance against President Trump 


Barack Obama visited Silicon Valley for a secret meeting with tech bosses after lunching with billionaire business magnate Warren Buffett.

It was the former President’s first visit to the Bay Area since he left office in January.

Sources told NBC Bay Area that Obama had a meeting with tech bosses at the Fairmont hotel in downtown San Jose.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4308338/Obama-takes-shadow-presidency-Silicon-Valley.html#ixzz4bD43c1GF

WIKIPEDIA, the self-policing web encyclopedia with pages littered with inaccuracies – and you don’t dare complain

Here, tTlittered with mistakes . . .

An investigation by this paper has revealed how Wikipedia banned the Daily Mail as a source after just 53 out of its 30 million editors voted to do so. Their spurious argument was that the Mail could not be trusted to be accurate. But — as the internet’s inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee says online ‘fake news’ must be tackled — what about the accuracy of information on Wikipedia? Here, two writers describe their Kafkaesque experiences when they found their entries were littered with mistakes . . . 

The call from a friend one quiet Sunday afternoon last summer was disturbing to say the least. ‘You’re not going to like this,’ she said — and she was right.

Someone had set up a Wikipedia page about me, and I didn’t like it one little bit. In fact, I hated it.

It might seem quaint, in the remorselessly selfie-taking, soul-baring, fame-craving culture in which we now find ourselves, for anyone to object to being thrust into the public eye, but it felt like a rude intrusion.

Admittedly, I’d been a Fellow at Cambridge, and I’d written a few books, mostly about popular culture, but I was hardly a public figure. And that was how I liked it.

I’ve never made multiple applications to appear on Big Brother, Britain’s Got Talent or Gogglebox. I don’t use Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. I don’t alert the world to all of my prosaic daily thoughts via Facebook.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4307480/Writers-reveal-Wikipedia-s-insidious-Kafkaesque-control.html#ixzz4bD236ZCQ

'But I was told that there were several sources citing my attendance at Millfield, as if this proved that I did go there. I felt I was being told to shut up and go away. The website has no qualms about using the state propaganda outlets of many of the world’s most repressive dictatorships as a source. Wikipedia has yet to ban the Chinese government’s Xinhua news agency, Iran’s PressTV or the Kremlin mouthpiece Russia Today'

Winter storm Stella to hit 50 MILLION people across the Northeast with up to TWO FEET of snow tonight and Tuesday

Winter Storm Stella is expected to sweep the New York region starting Monday with possible blizzard conditions. About 50 million people found themselves under blizzard or winter storm warnings on Sunday across the Northeast

Winter Storm Stella is headed to the Northeast with possible blizzard conditions starting on Monday

  • Forecasters on Sunday put the US East Coast from New York City to Boston on blizzard watch
  • Winter storm watch was in effect across the Northeast in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England
  • About 50 million people came under winter storm or blizzard watches as of Sunday evening
  • The blizzard could bring the season’s biggest snowstorm with up to 24 inches in New York City
  • Thousands of flight cancellations expected at JFK, Newark Liberty, La Guardia and Logan International airports