That’s one way to do it! Hilarious photos reveal the pranksters who followed the rules VERY literally – with some truly bizarre results

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  • Dozens of people have taken to Bored Panda to share hilarious examples of how they followed instructions to excess
  • They have had witty responses to some poorly worded signs, deliberately misinterpreting their meaning
  • One man decided to ride a unicycle through a ‘no bicycles’ zone

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When this man's dog did his business, he decided there was only one thing for it...


One woman's friends received some very unwelcome phone calls after taking advice on Facebook a little too literally


We're not sure this person's hack would actually protect them in court, but it's worth a shot


This guy realised that travelling via unicycle was not technically breaking the rules


When Ginito's mother asked them to clean the bathroom 'like the Queen of England is visiting', they duly obliged


One customer at a pharmacy decided to liven up the queue for prescriptions


This student's tongue-in-cheek response to the question asked surely earned them extra credit


Marc probably should have been a little more specific when ordering his morning latte


It's very difficult to argue with this gamer's logic in choosing a character name


A wonky trail sign appeared to have left one female hiker more than a little confused


Hopefully joking, this prankster responded to the sign about using the toilet brush and advised others to ignore it as 'it hurts too much'


This new mother made sure to follow this establishment's rule on breastfeeding to a tee


One student presumably was unaware that the stop light applied only to traffic and not to pedestrians


Dozens of pranksters decided to take this bathroom sign at its word - and duly 'checked' after flushing