Coca-Cola releases groundbreaking gay-friendly advertisement

The duo race to the refrigerator to offer him a cold Coke, realizing when they get there that each had the same idea

Coca-Cola releases groundbreaking gay-friendly advertisement that shows a brother and sister fighting for the attention of a hunky pool boy

  • A new Coca-Cola ad shows a brother and sister fighting over the right to offer a handsome pool boy a cold drink 
  • The two are first shown staring longlingly at him in different parts of their house
  • The duo hilarously race to give him a Coke, tripping and pulling on each-other
  • When they get there they realize that their mom had already given him one 
  • The ad is a part of Coca-Cola’s new global ‘taste the feeling’ campaign  

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Despite the siblings' best efforts, by the time they reached the open-shirted worker, their mother had already given him a Coke