FBI’s Comey asked Justice Department to refute Trump’s claims about Obama bugging Trump Tower before election



Trump does NOT believe FBI boss’s denial that agency wiretapped Trump tower for Obama – and White House spokesman says: ‘The administration WAS wiretapping American citizens’

  • Comey has asked the Justice Department to refute Trump’s claims about Obama
  • He doesn’t believe allegations of wiretapping are true and should be corrected
  • Trump sensationally claims Obama bugged Trump Tower before the election
  • Newsmax CEO spoke to Trump at Mar-a-Lago at the weekend and said the president was adamant he would be proven right 
  • Sean Spicer said Trump has requested an investigation into ‘troubling’ reports 
  • House and Senate Intelligence Committees will now look into the claims 
  • Kellyanne Conway called on FBI director James Comey to reveal what he knows 
  • White House’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t say if Trump had talked to Comey himself – but doesn’t believe him or reports on what he allegedly said 
  • Row is based on media reports claiming an application was made to a FISA court to monitor Trump last June, however, those reports said the request was denied
  • Some reports later claimed a follow up request was made and approved in October and an investigation followed – but those reports haven’t been verified 
  • Neither application was said to come directly from the White House 
  • Obama’s former intelligence director James Clapper said he had ‘no knowledge’ of a FISA court order allowing the surveillance of Trump Tower 
  • Obama’s spokesman denied Trump’s claims saying they were ‘simply false’

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