Trump taunts Obama for making secret 2012 election promises to Putin –


– a day after accusing Obama of wire-tapping Trump Tower


  • Trump continued his Twitter crusade against his predecessor on Sunday
  • He reminded followers of Obama’s 2012 hot-mic comment that he would be more flexible to negotiate with Russia after the election 
  • Trump also accused the DNC of denying the FBI access to its servers to investigate Russian hack
  • Obama earlier denied his sensational accusation that he tapped Trump’s phones during the campaign  
  • Former Mexican President Vicente Fox also slammed Trump saying he was a ‘so-called president’ for calling Obama a ‘bad and sick guy’ 
  • A former senior intelligence official said ‘it’s highly unlikely there was a wiretap’
  • According to official, wiretap can’t be directed at US facility, without probable cause the phone lines were being used by agents of a foreign power

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