On the edge of disaster: Full extent of the damage to the Oroville dam is revealed as officials stop the flow on the spillway showing that it is almost completely destroyed



  • Authorities stopped flow to the spillway after Oroville Lake water levels dropped, starting clean-up process
  • It revealed gaping hole and entire edge missing from the spillway, which takes water down from top of dam
  • Huge piles of grey rubble lie at the bottom of the spillway, which barges and excavators are now removing 
  • Comes after nearly 200,000 people were evacuated from homes when the waterway broke earlier this month

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Oroville Dam's crippled spillway is inspected via helicopter after it was shut off Monday, with the reduced water levels revealing the true extent of the damage. When the authorities shut off the water supply from the spillway, it revealed for the first time the gaping hole in the concrete passage that could cost hundreds of millions to fix


A bird's eye view taken on Monday shows the massive pile of grey rubble that has settled at the bottom of the spillway. Because of the damage, the water flow is not fast enough to clear any of the rubble when it reaches the bottom 


Images reveal the steep passage that water from Lake Oroville, which is 75 miles north of Sacramento, one of California’s largest man made lakes