Michelle Obama’s BEARD Caught on Camera! (Secret Service CAN’T HIDE IT) Leaves DC GYM, Jumps In SUV [VIDEO]

Published on Feb 28, 2017

Secret Service tries to block Michelle Obama’s beard as she leaves DC SoulCycle gym and jumps in SUV. Michelle’s shocking face stubble and manly look confirm Michelle Obama is transgender — just like Joan Rivers said.

Looking like a man, Michelle Obama exits SoulCycle (on ‘M Street’) then scurries past cameras hiding his face with both hands — almost. We get a clear view of Michelle’s moustache and face stubble as he walks too close to the camera in broad daylight!

Secret Service can’t hide the truth — Michelle Obama is really a man named ‘Michael.’ This is why Obama sometimes gets caught on camera calling his wife ‘Michael.’

Could this be the reason Barack and Michelle (aka Michael) avoid each other since leaving the White House? Because the fake Obama marriage is finally falling apart?

Is an Obama “divorce” happening right now? They’re at least “separated.” While Obama visits New York, Michelle gets left behind — caught on camera in Washington DC scurrying out of SoulCycle gym with face stubble and a moustache.

See for yourself — You be the judge!