White House petition launched to end Google’s outrageous and malicious censorship of independent journalism


(Natural News) As part of our epic battle against Google’s outrageous censorship of the entire NaturalNews.com website, we’ve launched a White House petition.

Sign it at this link and share with everyone.

Use the hashtag #SaveNaturalNews in your tweets to help spread the message.

With this petition, we hope to alert President Trump to the extremely disturbing truth that Google is deliberately and maliciously censoring pro-Trump independent journalism websites in order to silence them.

NaturalNews.com, InfoWars.com and thousands of other websites have been targeted for suppression, demonetization or delisting of content by Google and its video site Youtube.com.

Over 140,000 pages have been “memory holed” from NaturalNews.com, one of the internet’s largest websites that teaches Americans how to prevent disease, improve cognitive function and stay off dangerous pharmaceuticals. This, of course, makes Natural News a direct threat to the profits of the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, which provides nearly 70% of the revenue to the fake news media (CNN, NYT, WashPo, etc.).

NaturalNews.com serves millions of readers every month with valuable, sourced and honest content from a truly independent publisher that isn’t controlled by corrupt corporations or government. In fact, independent publishers like Natural News represent the only remaining “free press” in America. (The corporate-run media is nothing but public relations for statism.)

This is why censoring the entire Natural News website from Google search results is an assault on human knowledge and a blatant example of politically motivated censorship by Google, which controls two-thirds of the search market, making it a virtual monopoly over what people see, read and share.

With the deliberate and malicious censoring of Natural News, Google is now demonstrating it is a DANGEROUS MONOPOLY that’s now using monopoly power to silence opinions and information it doesn’t like. This is an extremely dangerous precedent and, if not halted, would allow Google to determine the outcome of every future election by simply censoring targeted websites from its search results.

It’s time to break apart that monopoly, investigate Google for anti-trust violations, and restore the independent media to its rightful place in the public debate on important topics that matter to life, liberty and our shared future.

Sign the White House petition here.




RED ALERT: Fascist Google begins PURGE of pro-Trump websites as prelude to massive false flag or coup attempt


Image: RED ALERT: Fascist Google begins PURGE of pro-Trump websites as prelude to massive false flag or coup attempt

(Natural News) In a Communist China-style crackdown on free speech, Google has launched a PURGE to take down sites supportive of President Trump.

Yesterday, the entire NaturalNews.com website was delisted by Google, removing 140,000+ pages of content covering disease prevention, nutritional therapies, scientific investigations into environmental contamination, dangers of prescription medications and more. The internet is in an uproar over the obvious assault on free speech, with Natural News coverage of the Google censorship going wildly viral on social media, radio interviews and article coverage across the independent media.

NEW: Sign this White House petition NOW to halt Google’s outrageous censorship of Natural News, InfoWars and other independent media publishers.

Natural News was targeted, we believe, because we not only publicly predicted President Trump’s victory well before it happened, we also openly support Trump’s policies to protect America, drain the swamp and restore the Republic. (We are also the publisher of Trump.news.)

Now, Natural News has learned that the take down of NaturalNews.com is just the opening salvo of a massive free speech purge from Google to silence pro-Trump voices across the ‘net. After my announcement yesterday that described Google’s outrageous censorship of Natural News, I have been contacted by several other site owners who say they were also taken offline at about the same time.

The following graphic from IsMyWebsitePenalized.com shows that 470 websites have been penalized or banned by Google in the last month:



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