Am I doing it right? Hilarious photos of people around the world getting ENTIRELY the wrong end of the stick

Perhaps this woman was just very bored on the day she decided to shake things up by switching her dog-toddler apparatus 

  • MailOnline Travel has compiled a collection of chuckle-worthy situations 
  • One sees a car towing a boat into the sea – very much the wrong way around
  • Others depict a cat being walked up a tree and a car in a trolley collection point

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This man has managed to get hold of a convenient item in the shape of a chair, and used it to make his task more difficult 


There are no pros and a whole lots of cons when it comes to this variation on supermarket parking


Whatever the right way to fiddle with a power line is, we're pretty sure this is not it


The man teetering on the edge of this building clearly does not suffer a fear of heights


A train passenger with scant regard for tradition


There's lazy, then there's using a box containing a chair - as a chair


This woman may have a good reason for turning her umbrella on its head, but we're struggling to imagine what it might be


Under no circumstances is jabbing your leg into a tree shredder a good idea, but he's going for it anyway


So many questions, not least how this plane passenger found themselves in such a compromising position, and why the behaviour seems to be going unchecked  


Surely, surely this is a joke, because it would be very hard indeed to confuse a thermometer with a pregnancy test


This owner probably didn't invest in a harness for his cat with the intention of walking it up a tree


Bonkers or ingenious? Perhaps just the laziest lawn-mowing hack we've ever seen...