‘Do not breathe under the water’? You don’t say! The world’s most pointless signs revealed

Unless this sign is reserved for superhumans capable of defying the laws of physics, it's pretty redundant


MailOnline Travel has rounded up a collection of confoundingly obvious signs

  • One reads: ‘If door does not open, do not enter’ – as if that were even possible 
  • Another helpfully informs road users: ‘Caution, water on road during rain’ 


You'd like to think that anyone capable of passing a driving test would be familiar with the basic principles of rain - but perhaps not?

It's hard to imagine why or how this sign came into existence, humans not being amphibious

How many times did shoppers try on condoms in the supermarket aisle before a warning notice was placed here?

Falling backwards off a cliff can indeed end in death - a good enough reason not to meander off the trail


How many people took a pew on this sub-optimal fence before it required its own sign to discourage the practice? We can only wonder 


Another example of advice which, although wise, doesn't really need to be spelled out


 Is this sign specific to this Xlerator hand dryer alone, or a broad statement regarding hand dryers in general?

As most of us know, balconies very seldom are on the ground level - that would make them patios 


A stop sign with a sign under it to remind you that the above stop sign is a stop sign - information overload?


When judgement fails, will this sign prevail?


Whoever issued this mini science lesson even felt it necessary to colour-code the adjective


Who understands basic English, but needs coaching in the art of operating a lift? It remains unclear


Just in case you failed to notice, this is a region in which sand is present, and it has the sign to prove it


The question is, what is it about this particular fence that requires us to exercise caution?


It is strange here that the very first thing you see upon removing a battery is a statement to inform you that you have just removed a battery


This sign, spotted in Florida, is so effective that even the local alligators take heed of it 



Helpful instructions for anyone who needs a refresher course in the mechanisms of a door