Foreign signs that got VERY lost when translated to English

Of course, if there do happen to be dogs roaming this garden, perhaps the accuracy is bang on


We're fairly sure no place in the world exists where humans are required to present octopuses, but anything is possible


If you really have to partake in an electric shock, at least make it a 'nice one', this sign advises


It's always a relief when your menu has translations in a foreign country, but a little less so in this case


Where in the world it is customary to stampede on a loo seat remains a mystery. More likely it's just another case of lost in translation


At last, an establishment in which you aren't charged extra for loo roll - so you'd better cherish it


Just in case you were considering it, you'd better find a more legal area in which to reach the end of your life around here


While the labelling of this fire extinguisher is obviously wrong, its spout does indeed bear resemblance to a grenade 


Another case of a jumbled translation, which proves to be far more amusing than it is useful