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REMOTE VIEWING: CIA from 1975 to 1999 had a paranormal program using “psychics” for intelligence gathering [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 14, 2017

A batch of newly declassified CIA documents reveals Agency’s program, codenamed ‘Grill Flame’, established in 1975 as a research into paranormal abilities.

But its star turn came in 1979 when dozens of Americans were taken hostage inside the US embassy in Iran’s capital Tehran. The telepaths were used to provide information on where people were being held, and to report on their state of health. And these are the pictures of the scene where the hostages were located – drawn up by the psychics based on their ‘remote viewing’ abilities.


MSM Lies: Targets Legal Immigrants Mass Hysteria Ensues [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 14, 2017

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs breaks down how the lies of the MSM are sparking fear in “Legal Immigrants” who came here the right way. Their propaganda has them in fear for their safety and has them worried they will be deported. These are lies and fake news headlines meant to cause protests and riots to further try and delegitimize the Trump Administration.’’




The military-industrial complex is trying to sabotage Trump

FEBRUARY 14, 2017

The resignation of General Flynn is part of an ongoing effort by the military-industrial complex to sabotage President Trump and re-assert control over foreign policy.

Flynn was backed into a corner after it was revealed that he had a conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak back in December. This was seized upon because it could be spun to validate the otherwise completely baseless conspiracy theory that Russia “hacked the election” to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton and that Flynn’s talk with Kislyak was a promise of payback.

In reality, Flynn’s conversation with Kislyak was merely the excuse that establishment neo-cons and neo-libs from both parties were desperately searching for. They wanted him gone from the very beginning. This was a deep state coup.

In essence, Flynn was merely exercising due diligence as incoming…



Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor over phone talks with Russian ambassador

Published on Feb 14, 2017

The White House has confirmed President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn has resigned from his post after less than one month in office. The possible reason for resignation is media outlets speculation over the contents and consequences of the phone call between Flynn and Russian Ambassador. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/833n



Published on Feb 14, 2017

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, You know what, I really used to like Netflix. They always had such great shows and movies to watch when I’m bored. Well, sadly I will NOT be watching them any more thanks to a SICK new show they just added. MIKE PENCE WOULD NOT APPROVE!!



Click-Gate – US corporate media creating fake readers to cover up collapse in readership [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 13, 2017

In this video we cover a few articles that have gone largely unnoticed by the alternative news media concerning the corporate media manipulating not just view counts on Youtube but also apparently creating fake readers to cover up the collapse not just in sales but also in readership and credibility.



Mainstream media outlets are really desperate. They know that their “fake news” house of cards is built on a fake foundation. The collapse of the lame-stream media is not just big but also astonishing. The only way to win this information battle is to continue to expose the dishonest corporate media and to continue our online activism in the comments sections of these corporate liars.

Fraction Magic – Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 31, 2016

A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. (See also: Jordan Robertson of Bloomberg Business analyzes Fraction Magic in its Cyber Security Segment: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/…
and Cover Story in Bloomberg Businessweek https://www.bloomberg.com/features/20… )


This demonstration uses a real voting system and real vote databases and takes place in seconds across multiple jurisdictions. Over 5000 subcontractors and middlemen have the access to perform this for any or all clients. It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses. All political power can be converted to
the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.