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But, but, but…. it’s WRONG when Trump does it!











Hillary Clinton tried to Get Rid Of this video Must Watch Before Its Gone [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 11, 2017

Full Story: http://leaks.news
SHARE THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE! People need to know, and it’s sad that the kids in the colleges are so brainwashed and all the people on the streets. There’s literally info at our finger tips and people don’t research, and they wonder why Trump won. We are tired of the corruption that they done and tired of them trying to force Islamist forces in our country like they already did in Sweden,UK,Italy,France,Germany, ect.. Women are being beaten and raped. They want Shariah Law in our country and those, and it’s sad the majority don’t know what it is.




Published on Feb 11, 2017

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Snowden tweeted yesterday that he was “finally” not a Russian spy. Juan Zarate is the former deputy national security adviser. He says that Trump should be cautious on accepting Snowden. The U.S. Justice Department said that it would welcome the arrival of Snowden even though it is likely that he will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A leak from someone who allegedly works at Twitter: A list of all the accounts they are wanting to ban


Textual copy of the list here for ease of following:

update 2: this is only page 1, 

user_name frequency followers_count Suspension
AnnCoulter 951 1342281 pending
PrisonPlanet 529 473202 pending
Lauren_Southern 519 206290 pending
Cernovich 512 202367 PRIORITY
Gavin_McInnes 509 160679 pending
Sargon_of_Akkad 503 152243 reverted
StefanMolyneux 499 142095 pending
bakedalaska 494 141062 PRIORITY
JaredWyand 490 127482 PERMANENT
MsBlaireWhite 432 88428 PRIORITY
asamjulian 395 67258 pending
Ricky_Vaughn99 393 62982 PERMANENT
bear_ing 384 52418 pending
greeneyes0084 382 46289 pending
RichardBSpencer 378 45403 reverted
MisterMetokur 372 34198 PRIORITY
Third_Position 351 33025 PRIORITY
neilturner 355 32098 PERMANENT
ramzpaul 442 30789 PRIORITY
wesearchr 327 27993 PERMANENT
vdare 254 27993 PERMANENT
ThaRightStuff 290 22437 locked
jartaylor 262 22011 PRIORITY
LadyAodh 246 20203 pending
LanaLokteff 263 19215 PRIORITY
Rabbit_2017 249 19047 PRIORITY
WhitestRabbit 266 17868 locked
apurposefulwife 234 16812 pending
jazzhandmcfeels 258 16330 PERMANENT
TGSNTtv 224 16156 pending
AmRenaissance 221 16111 PRIORITY
wcsoto 159 15809 pending
ReactionaryTree 264 15528 PERMANENT
TOOEdit 248 15003 PRIORITY
hateful_heretic 234 14982 PERMANENT
PaulinaForslund 206 14350 pending
nakidape 248 14334 PRIORITY
prowhitesunite 242 13719 pending
ElectreIsMore 160 13052 PERMANENT
yankeebrit77 171 12952 pending
547George 142 12866 pending
realVivaEuropa 185 12042 pending
San_Frexit 159 11878 PRIORITY
PaulTown_ 193 11769 PERMANENT
Steve_Sailer 143 11685 pending
Red_Panels 134 11177 PRIORITY
Brannon1861 163 11157 PERMANENT
realEmilyYoucis 143 11126 PRIORITY
verytolerantman 120 11100 pending
TrumpHat 205 10848 PRIORITY
ChateauEmissary 172 10724 pending

page 2 and 3 (total 155 users – please report any typos I transcribed this by hand): (update: fixed some typos)

user_name frequency followers_count Suspension
SeventhSonTRS 206 10687 PRIORITY
StandUpWhiteMan 184 10642 PRIORITY
TheeCurrentYear 220 10494 PRIORITY
WaltBismarck 192 10450 PRIORITY
AngeloJohnGage 149 10346 pending
N_ata6ha 112 10117 pending
Halbertstram_FTN 206 10097 PERMANENT
WhiteMotivation 228 10025 pending
SAgenocide 109 9928 PRIORITY
Henrik_Palmgren 207 9796 PRIORITY
DonaldThacker 98 9650 pending
europafreunde 158 9591 pending
LudwigVanFash 132 9524 PRIORITY
moderatefiend 115 9477 pending
wrathofgnon 132 8795 pending
NewRightAmerica 175 8768 pending
counter_signal 196 8729 pending
WhiteResister 116 8655 pending
Snide_Whitelash 145 8617 pending
altright_fanfic 239 8470 PRIORITY
RadioRenegades 167 8393 PRIORITY
MagicalEurope 120 8339 pending
whiteworldmedia 98 8175 pending
AMERIOPA 101 7881 pending
BadgoyNSF 191 7728 pending
whitereddit 194 7713 pending
sbpdl 155 7675 pending
TheNordicNation 221 7629 pending
wittmann1488 178 7524 PRIORITY
Bulbasaur_TRS 204 7464 PERMANENT
eurorabbit 172 7461 pending
BronzeAgePerv 178 7451 PRIORITY
Sineaderade 152 7450 PRIORITY
RealityCallsCo 74 7372 pending
DukeNukemSez 101 7300 pending
aconman_ 84 7254 pending
IdentityEyropa 198 7209 PRIORITY
kantbot2000 132 7201 PRIORITY
AtlanticCent 198 7199 PRIORITY
alexrileyiscool 81 7106 pending
PaganShitlord 203 7027 pending
tradwives 136 6974 PRIORITY
Kek_Magician 85 6954 PRIORITY
AliceTeller 116 6937 pending
menaquinone4 134 6512 pending
ColchColl 110 6449 pending
RoninMemes 120 6306 pending
MatthewHeimbach 179 6297 PERMANENT
NathanDamingo 193 6221 PRIORITY
EuroAmericans 163 6195 pending
veronicaevalion 111 6179 pending
eBookExtremist 141 6137 pending
ReactionaryIan 118 6057 pending
MathFaithWorks 92 6056 pending
RefugeeWatcher 80 6053 PRIORITY
michael_rolls 99 6030 pending
DavidWPWW 137 6006 pending
RealDoctorWhite 139 5997 pending
ArthurAngell 81 5989 pending
Fuhrerious1488 206 5979 pending
kyramarat1 73 5938 pending
drewmistak 91 5795 pending
PlacedeBastille 69 5770 pending
ShawnMichaelR 94 5739 pending
lorettatheprole 58 5729 pending
MillennialWoes 128 5671 PRIORITY
ZsuzsannaKun 101 5662 pending
REXtoday 79 5652 pending
Common_Filth 91 5613 PRIORITY
JohnRiversX4 143 5582 PERMANENT
attentionmustbe 188 5576 pending
weimerica 130 5509 PRIORITY
hbdchick 76 5502 pending
IPexsquaddie 86 5495 pending
Freyja_Griffith 98 5466 PRIORITY
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Fr3333dom 68 5413 pending
ebolajulius2 185 5407 PERMANENT
KMGVictoria 86 5402 pending
evalion1488 77 5395 PERMANENT
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occdissent 165 5339 pending
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Nationalist1776 53 5287 pending
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RAJeTweets 99 5241 pending
White_History 118 5215 PRIORITY
DarkTriadMan 59 5192 pending
wginfonetorg 128 5163 pending
DissidentRight 90 5113 PRIORITY
ViktorLePen 67 5092 pending
LibrarianofHate 124 5085 pending
ExpandedGalaxy 77 5057 pending
Kurisu_Kitsune 176 5008 PRIORITY
Victoria_1488 60 4984 pending
_GoyOrbison_ 180 4977 PRIORITY
AndrewQuackson 121 4923 PRIORITY
starfishkegels 76 4869 pending
Early__May 95 4852 pending
PrivilegeCheck2 127 4849 pending
JohnRiversX9 159 4790 PRIORITY
fwhitegenocide 119 4675 PRIORITY


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h/t toxic_ideology


“It’s Not Immoral for One Human to Own Another Human”: GEORGETOWN PROFESSOR Defends Slavery And Rape! UNBELIEVABLE!


We know that most Professors seem to be Liberals, so we are used to hearing what they teach. However, the following crosses the line in so many ways. We need to know what our college students are being taught. I made the statement today to my husband: “We are in so much trouble in our society right now, but think about what it will be like when the next generation takes over.” In saying that, I want to explain myself. The effect we will be seeing when the next generation takes over is what this generation has taught them. The following statements I am making hopefully will not offend any of you, but I am observing the Liberals who have taken over in our society. I am observing how they are rioting, working against President Trump, refusing to accept the people’s vote, and an issue I have been researching is rampant child abuse. Unfortunately, the young people living within the present society are being led astray by the rampant evils that exist in this world here and now. We have to do what we can to touch each child in a positive way, for every small action has an effect even if we do not realize it.



1. This comes from the account of Umar Lee, a Muslim student who was offended by how far Jonathan Brown went in defending slavery and rape.

2. In the era of the campus trigger warning, rape culture and renaming buildings named after slave owners, Brown offered a spirited defense of slavery and rape.

“Consent isn’t necessary for lawful sex” said Professor Jonathan Brown of Georgetown University.”

Wow, that statement is just what our young people need to hear from a so-called college professor. He goes on to say, “consent is a modern Western concept and only recently had come to be seen as necessary.” (perhaps around the time feminism began to take root and women decided they wanted autonomy over their bodies). Brown went on to elaborate, ” consent wasn’t necessary to moral and ethical sex and that the morality of sex is dependent on the lawfulness of the sex-partner and not consent upholding the verdict that marital-rape is an invalid concept in Islam.”

He went on to say in his lecture: “It’s not immoral for one human to own another human” Brown stated in his clearest defense of slavery. Brown went onto state that being an employee is basically the same as being a slave…”

On Brown’s Facebook, it can be read: “it’s not possible to say that slavery is inherently absolutely categorically immoral in all times and places since it was allowed by the Quran and the Prophet”

Muslim student, Umar Lee, was upset and went on to record another quote from Brown’s Facebook: “Slave women do not have agency over their sexual access, so their owner can have sex with them.”

Brown’s problem here is obvious. If Mohammed allowed slavery, it can’t be wrong. The same goes for rape. He has to find a way to justify an Islamic practice by attacking our value system. In my opinion, as I am writing this, he is actually doing the West a favor by revealing the true evil of Islam. I do not mean to offend anyone, but if this is what Mohammed taught, he was evil…bottom line.

(Bonus points for spotting which global symbol of Islamist oppression and hate is being used by Brown in this screenshot.)


Further said by Brown: ” Slave rape’ is a tough term to decipher from a Shariah perspective. A male owner of a female slave has the right to sexual access to her. Though he could not physically harm her without potentially being held legally accountable if she complained, her ‘consent’ would be meaningless since she is his slave.”

He ended his lecture by questioning if any of us are truly autonomous:

“And this obsession with thinking of slavery as property it’s [unintelligible]. I think that’s actually a really … odd … and … and … and unhelpful way to think about slavery, and it kind of gets you locked in this … way of thinking where, if you talk about ownership and people … that you’ve already transgressed some moral boundary that you can’t come back from. But I don’t think that’s true at all. Uh, [unintelligible] I’m trying to think about what slavery actually means, and to show that it doesn’t really … the term doesn’t really mean anything. Uh, that it … it that there’s … so many different phenomena that we would lump under this”
” So … the idea of someone who is a by-definition non-consensual sexual actor in the sense that they have been entered into a sexual relationship … in a position of servitude. That’s … sort of … ab initio wrong. The way I would respond to that is to say that … as … I mean this is just a fact. This isn’t a judgment, this is a fact, okay? For most of human history, human beings have not thought of consent as the essential feature of moral … of morally correct sexual activity. And second … we fetishize the idea of autonomy, to the extent that we forget … again, who’s really free? Are we really autonomous people? And what does autonomy mean?”

Wow, who is really free? Most of us are free to make choices in our lives, but according to Brown’s lecture women are certainly not free to say, “no”. We knew that Islam oppresses women…we knew that, but we did not expect a professor from the West to so bluntly declare that none of us are really free, so just go ahead and condone human trafficking and rape. Is that not what he is saying? The topic I have been painfully researching: human trafficking…basically slavery…is perfectly fine with Professor Brown. AND a woman does not have the right to say, “no”, or a man has the right to override that “no” and go ahead and rape her. Am I getting this right? If I am confused, please feel free to correct me.

I will not say to please anyone that I can understand or condone Islam, and I would always be open to debate anyone who does. That is their choice, and it is my choice to not condone it. Liberals are truly destroying the society we live in by simply having no morals to uphold it. One has to have a compassion and divinity inside them to guide their path. We have to have an inner compass that points to God/Creator/Source…a higher being who loves us. Even though society does not express enough love to warm us, a belief in a higher power does. That leads humanity toward the hope of salvation even when walking through hell on earth, and believe me…many are walking through hell right now.

Liberals want to perpetuate that hell to produce chaos and pain. It could be they are innately evil, as they themselves have never known anything else, or they truly want to divide and conquer….to kill those who do not join them in their evil acts, which they do not plan on stopping. No one can truly understand another, as we cannot walk in their footsteps. But I do know right from wrong, good from evil, and I have made my choice of which path I walk. It grieves me to know that many young people are in the process of making choices right now, and teachers are the most influential of all. Professor Brown is making the world a more dangerous place for those seeking to do no harm.




Whistleblower Calls out Govt Agency for Ignoring Scientific Errors in 9/11 Reports (Video)

Image: Whistleblower Calls out Govt Agency for Ignoring Scientific Errors in 9/11 Reports (Video)

A former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has stepped forward and criticized the government agency for ignoring the scientific errors found in its report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7) during the September 11, 2001, attacks. “Truth is where our healing lies.”

Stay informed at Truth.news