Monsanto Must Put Cancer Warning on Glyphosate Pesticide, Roundup [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 12, 2017

Fresno Judge, Kristi Kapetan, ruled 2 weeks ago, that glyphosate – the active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s best-selling herbicide – must be labeled with the warning that it is known to cause cancer.
The ruling, which came down on Jan. 26, is a huge blow for Monsanto, which made 3.5 billion dollars from global sales of their weed killers last year. California food producers are the largest consumer of Roundup, treating over 5 million acres of edible crops with it.
According to attorney Robert Kennedy Jr.:
“This listing is not going to put them [Monsanto] out of business. This is a warning, to let workers know that this chemical can harm them.”
Monsanto attorneys have been fighting allegations that glyphosate causes human cancers since a 2015 World Health Organization study determined that it was “a probable human carcinogen”.
Subsequently, evidence has begun to pile up. National Geographic featured a study linking Roundup use to antibiotic resistance in farm animals, and thus humans.
Glyphosate has been commercially available since 1974. A million pounds of the stuff each year is now used in more than 160 countries.
Monsanto clings to a very outdated 1993 report by the EPA claiming that the chemical is “practically non-toxic.”
If Kapetan’s ruling stands in the face of inevitable appeals for one year, then the order goes into effect in early 2018.