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3,000 Areas in the U.S. Have Higher Lead Levels than Flint [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 10, 2017

Mike is joined by Farron Cousins, Executive Editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine, about the hidden water crisis impacting communities across the U.S.




Canada Under Pressure To Ban George Soros From Country


Citizens in Canada are demanding that the government ban George Soros and his Open Society Foundation from the country. 

Amid a general anti-globalist mood, people across the globe are rising up and rejecting the left-wing billionaire’s plans to impose to a globalist agenda across the world, as Soros has been repeatedly exposed as funding homegrown terrorist groups hell-bent on wreaking havoc and destruction on his behalf.


Newstarget.com reports:

It’s unknown if Soros was in any way involved in encouraging the protests that turned violent against conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California at Berkeley, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility since he has been known to do such things in the past.

As an aside, you have to wonder why those affiliated with the Soros effort would be obsessed with destabilizing a country or countries in which they too have to live.

Recently, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros described President Trump as a “would-be dictator who is going to fail.”

Soros is allegedly bankrolling some of the anti-Trump protests around the country as well as funding legal challenges to the Trump executive order that imposes a temporary travel ban on seven Middle Eastern nations that were identified by the Obama administration as countries of concern.

Before the election, Soros incorrectly predicted that Donald Trump would win the popular vote but the Electoral College would go Clinton, just the opposite of what actually occurred on Election Day in a rebuke of globalism.

Leaving the media once again outraged, Trump has maintained that if you remove probable instances of voter fraud, he would have captured the popular vote majority as well on November 8. VP Mike Pence is now leading an investigation into the country’s primitive voter registration and balloting procedures.

It also turned out that the drumbeat for so-called faithless electors or Hamilton electors that would overturn Trump’s victory was fake news.

Because of his actions in the United States, as well as similar attempts in Hungary the country is now cracking down on Soros-operated non-governmental organizations. Soros was born in Budapest in 1930, and the Open Society Foundation reportedly operates 50 different NGOs in Hungary.  All of these organizations are similar to those that Soros funds in the US, and are all an attempt at spreading his globalist agenda in the country.

Writing for a Canadian website PhilosophyofMetrics, JC Collins suggested, in part, that Canada should do the same.

“The attempts to remove American sovereignty have been halted by the election of Donald Trump which is why Soros is now funding the protests against the Trump administration…It is time for Canada to take action now against George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.  Our liberal-left socialist government is aligned with both Soros and the mandates of the United Nations…Even our non-liberal political parties, such as the Progressive Conservatives, both federal and provincial, promote the mandates and propaganda of the Open Society Foundation…If our major political parties will not serve the people of Canada and protect our way of life from the liberal international agenda funded by George Soros then it is time for Canadians, like others around the world, to begin the process of taking back our political systems and removing this insidious disease from our countries and cultures. ”

The former apolitical “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary announced on January 18 that he is seeking the leadership of the Conservative Party, and if successful, will challenge incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party in the 2019 general election. The businessman has repeatedly blasted Trudeau’s tax, spend, and regulate policies, and that when it comes to trade deals, Trudeau will be steamrolled by Trump’s negotiating skills.

Writing in the New York Times, former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Q. Nomani, who self-describes as a lifelong liberal feminist and Muslim who voted for Trump in the presidential election, claims that the Women’s March that occurred on the day after Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., was far from a spontaneous, grassroots outpouring. Instead, Nomani explained that George Soros funded or has close ties with 50-plus March partners. No big surprise there.




Published on Feb 10, 2017

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Lindsey Bruce for Liberty Writers reports, Elizabeth Warren was banned from speaking last night over her repeated attacks against Senator Jeff Sessions. Warren was reading a 30 year old quote by Coretta Scott King in an attempt to make Sessions look like a racist.


NYC MAYOR TELLS PEOPLE TO GET OFF THE STREETS – New York Under State of Emergency Due To Snow Blast [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 10, 2017

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NYC MAYOR TELLS PEOPLE TO GET OF THE STREETS – New York Under State of Emergency Due To Snow Blast

Travel was treacherous as Suffolk and Rockland counties declared a state of emergency. Many schools throughout the region would remain closed for Friday, but Mayor Bill de Blasio announced New York City schools would be OPEN on Friday.

“I want to emphasize to all New Yorkers, stay inside if you can,” de Blasio said. “Don’t go out if you don’t have to. If you need to go out, please don’t use your car, because we need to let our sanitation department clear the roads.”

Police across the area were responding to hundreds of accidents, though at this point, no serious injuries have been reported.



Bundled-up commuters carefully navigated snow-covered sidewalks, where blowing snow stung any exposed skin. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged New Yorkers to prepare for dangerous conditions. NYC NY “New York” “New York City” Car Driving Snow “Snow Fall” Snowing Snowy “Winter Driving” “Winter conditions” “extreme weather” job salt work weather closed Spring Winter Summer 2017 2018 trends trending entertainment school “rush hour” “big city” “nyc hotel” travel “climate change” elite shutdown transport “car hire” cold warning prepare food supplies bugout “elite nwo agenda” david icke new world order illuminati conspiracy harrp weather modification cloud seeding jsnip4 coast to coast am truth food storage bugout bag collapse “As Mother Nature once again tests the resilience and strength of this state, I urge New Yorkers to plan ahead, stay informed, and above all, stay safe,” Cuomo said. “I have directed state agencies to closely monitor conditions and to clear roadways as quickly as possible in order to avoid accidents and keep our roadways safe. I encourage everyone in the path of these storms to use extra caution and avoid unnecessary travel during these hazardous weather conditions.” Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that all New York City public schools will be closed on Thursday, as city agencies and residents brace for a massive snowstorm.

The city is expected to get hit with anywhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow by Thursday evening, the National Weather Service said. A winter storm watch was issued for the five boroughs beginning at midnight Wednesday and lasting through 6 p.m. Thursday.

De Blasio urged city residents to not take the impending snowstorm lightly, adding that the city was prepared to deploy salt spreaders and plows to handle the expected snowfall.

Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain


(NaturalNews) To much fanfare and excitement, Apple has announced that the iPhone 7 will come with wireless earbuds, ditching the much-reviled and ever-tangled cords of conventional earbuds. The wireless earbuds, dubbed “AirPods,” will be water-resistant and are, in the words of company CEO Tim Cook, the first step to a “wireless future.”

They will also fire dangerous, cancer-causing radiation directly into the brains of users, experts have warned.

The iPhone will communicate via Bluetooth directly with the right earbud, which will send a separate Bluetooth signal to the left earbud. This means the radiation carrying the signal will pass directly through the user’s brain.

“Playing with fire”

According to Apple, all Bluetooth devices emit radiofrequency radiation (RFR) within the guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). But according to Joel Moskowitz of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, more than 200 scientists who study the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body have gone on record criticizing the FCC guidelines as far too lenient.

“We are playing with fire here,” Moskowitz said. “You are putting a microwave-emitting device next to your brain.”

The public health implications of people doing this on a massive scale are daunting, Moskowitz and other experts have warned.

Traditionally, scientists have claimed that RFR does not carry enough energy to cause cellular or DNA damage — in contrast to the more high-energy ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, that has been shown to cause cancer.

Yet ionizing or not, a large body of research continues to show negative health effects in humans and other animals exposed to RFR.

“This has been observed over several decades,” Moskowitz said. “It’s like we keep rediscovering that Bluetooth is harmful and trying to forget it because we don’t know how to handle it from a policy standpoint.”

Brain cancer link is PROVEN

Contrary to the claims of industry representatives, studies have in fact established ways that RFR leads directly to health harm.

For example, RFR has been shown to degrade the blood-brain barrier, thereby allowing more toxins to pass into the brain. This is a major concern with placing RFR transmitters directly next to the brain.

“Although we don’t know the long-term risks from using Bluetooth devices, why would anyone insert microwave-emitting devices in their ears near their brain when there are safer ways to use a cell phone?” Moskowitz said. “Essentially I recommend using corded headsets or hands-free use of cell phones, not wireless ear buds.”

But even without Bluetooth, any cell phone use is hazardous. Cell phones also operate using RFR signals, as do smart meters and wireless internet.

Another mechanism by which RFR can cause health problems — including cancer — was identified in a 2015 study published in the journal Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine. The researchers found that numerous prior studies have shown that RFR can induce oxidative stress, a condition in which the body’s antioxidant defenses are overwhelmed and free radicals run amok.

Free radicals are molecules that damage cells and DNA, and are considered among the major causes of cancer, heart disease, dementia, and numerous other health problems.

Indeed, all studies that have shown health concerns with cell phone radiation apply equally to Bluetooth, and therefore to Apple’s AirPods. Thus, iPhone 7 purchasers should be concerned about the findings of the 2010 industry-funded Interphone study, which found dramatic increases in the risk of brain tumors, acoustic nerve tumors and parotid gland tumors among people who had used cell phones for 10 years or more — and even higher risks among those who started using phones before age 20.

Earlier this year, scientists from across the United States gathered at a pediatric conference in Baltimore to declare that there is no longer a debate about the cell phone-brain cancer link.

“The weight of the evidence is clear: cell phones do cause brain cancer,” said Dr. Devras Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust.





Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055296_iPhone_wireless_headphones_brain_cancer.html#ixzz4YII4zsOk

NOT SAFE: Constant EMF frequencies actively damaging the brain, Swedish professor warns


Image: NOT SAFE: Constant EMF frequencies actively damaging the brain, Swedish professor warns

Society has been groomed into believing that constantly carrying around mobile phones and laptop computers, as well as living in homes and working in offices equipped with wi-fi routers and various “smart” meters and appliances, is completely safe; that it is merely the product of progressive advancements in modern technology for our convenience. But are these devices really safe for the body, and have any of them actually been properly vetted as appropriate for continuous human exposure?

The answer is no, and one prominent scientist, Professor Olle Johansson from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, has been trying to sound the alarm on this immense human danger for a number of years now. In a brief interview from 2010 posted to YouTube, Prof. Johansson explains how, contrary to the mainstream narrative, electromagnetic radiation, commonly referred to as EMFs, is having a devastating effect on humans, and that something needs to be done sooner rather than later to curb this monumental threat.

“Today, if you look into the scientific literature, it’s an overwhelming number of papers clearly saying that the molecules, cells, tissue pieces, organs, experimental animals, as well as humans, are in jeopardy,” he warns about the summation of independent science on EMFs. “The main findings could be summarized that you see biological and biomedical effects at very low exposure levels — far below the current public exposure guidelines.”

Cancer could be least important effect of EMF exposure, says the professor

Governments throughout the world, including in the U.S., baselessly claim that EMFs are not a threat to human health. But there is something significant that many of them are failing to tell the public, and it pertains primarily to the methodology behind how EMFs are being studied, and the inadequate way in which such research erroneously dubs EMFs as being safe.

“Interest is very much nowadays focused on long-term effects [of EMFs] at so-called non-thermal levels, meaning that you don’t get a heating effect from your mobile phone, for instance,” says Prof. Johansson.

Prof. Johansson is concerned specifically with biologically important events that he suggests are often overlooked when considering the dangers of EMFs — things like ionic channels, transmitter release, uptake, and degradation. These might be considered very small details in biology, but they can generate long-term health effects that are potentially very serious.

He says that EMFs from things like smart meters are likely more damaging to the immune system, for instance, as well as to fertility, mental function, concentration, sleep, and other necessary functions of the body. In other words, cancer is not the only risk of overexposure to EMFs. Symptoms of constant EMF exposure tend to be more subtle, building over time and manifesting as things like more constant headaches, and inability to remain focused (A.D.H.D.), and higher propensity towards cold and flu, for instance.

“As a scientist, I’m a little bit surprised that politicians, they take these kinds of chances with the whole population, and the population has never really been informed. No one has asked you if you want to be whole-body irradiated 24 hours around the clock, every day of the week — and yet you are.”

As for evidence of EMF safety in his own country, Prof. Johansson says he has asked the Swedish government for safety data but has never received even a single study to back the country’s policies.

“Hopefully it will turn out to be completely safe, and there will be no risk, but that would also mean that thousands and thousands of scientific papers in well-controlled scientific journals, using peer review-based evaluation systems — all of these articles have to be wrong at the same time, and that has never, ever happened before in science history,” he says.





Weather modification: Satellite imagery reveals unmistakable aerosol operation over South Florida



(Natural News) Geoengineering is a very real — and very scary — phenomenon happening across the world. Evidence of weather control in the United States can be found as early as 1966 in a now highly cited document on National Weather Modification Programs. The shocking truths surrounding geoengineering is hard for many to accept and has created many skeptics who are quick to vocalize their disbelief in the programs.

Recently, evidence of large scale weather modification through aerosol spraying was recorded in Florida. Aerosol spraying is said to be a technique primarily used to provide larger volume plumes than chemtrails. Spraying isn’t just happening, but now it appears that methods are being used to increase their effectiveness. (Read more about Chemtrails at ChemtrailsNews.com)

Image: Weather modification: Satellite imagery reveals unmistakable aerosol operation over South Florida

As reported by ChemtrailsPlanet,

“A TERRA satellite view from the early afternoon of January 28th, 2017 about 1 PM reveals an unmistakable north-south aerosol operation over South Florida that drifted with the cirrus level flow out into the Atlantic as the day progressed.  These are not chemtrails. They are large volume aerosol plumes or LVAP.   This technique is increasingly used to dump aerosols in much larger volumes than chemtrails, alone could provide.”