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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook security goons caught intimidating and threatening Hawaiians

Image: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook security goons caught intimidating and threatening Hawaiians

(Natural News) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really ticked many Hawaiian natives off recently, when he decided to launch eight lawsuits against families who had inherited portions of his estate’s land. Under the Kuleana Act, natives are given the right to own land if one of their family members was the original purchaser. The Act, which was established as Hawaiian law in 1850, makes 14 parcels, or eight acres of Zuckerberg’s 700-acre estate, available to natives. (RELATED: Find more Facebook news at Facebook.fetch.news)

The lawsuits were launched on December 30, but the law still gives direct family members of a parcel’s original owner the right to enter Zuckerberg’s private compound. Last year, Zuckerberg had a 6-foot high wall constructed along the Koolau Road frontage portion of the property, making it tough for the original owners’ family members to access the inherited portions of Kuleana land.

The wall, erected through the use of quiet title action lawsuits filed by Zuckerberg, has many locals outraged. The lawsuits that have now been filed would compel owners of Kuleana parcels to either sell or surrender their ownership. Zuckerberg has stated that he is reconsidering the matter, however.

“Based on feedback from the local community, we are reconsidering the quiet title process and discussing how to move forward,” he said. “We want to make sure we are following a process that protects the interests of property owners, respects the traditions of native Hawaiians, and preserves the environment.”

Hawaiians march in protest

Hundreds of Hawaiians plan to protest along Zuckerberg’s six-foot wall every Saturday until the lawsuits are dropped. The protests are being organized by a local farmer named Joe Hart. Hart, who only lives a quarter mile from Zuckerberg’s property line, insists the protests will continue because natives believe that Zuckerberg’s partners will continue the lawsuits on his behalf. Protesters will be showing up for peaceful marches along the wall while blowing on conch shells and beating their drums. Hart is expecting a protest turnout of at least 200 people, and he hopes it will shed light on the issue.

“He’s made his money stealing everyone’s information, which we’ve let him do, but to come down here and start suing everyone, that’s not going to fly down here.”

Zuckerberg’s security staff won’t play nice

Zuckerberg’s neighbors aren’t too thrilled with the Facebook CEO’s security staff, who have been using intimidation tactics to keep the locals away from the public beaches and trails which cut through sections of his property. Hart grew angry when security guards confronted him while he was out for a stroll on the public beach near the property.

“We were walking along and they tried to say that this was private,” said Hart. “I’ve been walking on this since I was a little kid.”

Other locals have also reported similar negative encounters with the security staff.

Last year, Naoshi Grady called the police and filed a report after security guards escorted him off a public trail. Grady said in an interview with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, “They told me I was on private property. They were threatening to take my picture and have me arrested. They were aggressive, rude, and disrespectful.” (RELATED: Find out what’s being hidden from you at Censored.news)

A self-professed public access activist and Kauai resident named Richard Spacer has spoken with many locals about their experiences near the estate. He determined that people were encountering no-trespassing signs along the historic Ala Loa Trail, and that security guards riding all-terrain vehicles have been forcing people away from the property.






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7 Mysterious and SECRETIVE Companies [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 25, 2016

Lockheed Martin


Renaissance Technologies




Blackwater or Academi


Many major companies have secrets, but some are a little more protective than others, because some work outside of the law, others run their own secret armies, and some companies commit terrible atrocities and attempt to block investigations, for fear of what the public might find out.

Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico http://www.tasteofjam.com

Lockheed Martin is an American aerospace, defense and security company with a heavy interest in advanced technologies. They receive more money than any other contractor from the US Government, despite the fact they’ve been convicted of many serious crimes, including illegal spying activities and harvesting personal and commercial data.

Since its formation in 1998 Google has acquired huge amounts of power, information and wealth to become the most visited website in the world, with their motto of “Don’t Be Evil” recently changing to the rather sinister “Do The Right Thing”. What does this mean? Is the right thing sometimes evil? Like kicking a dog in the face before it bites your kid brother in the nuts?

You’ve probably never heard of the Renaissance Technologies hedge fund management company, but that’s exactly the way they like it. Renaissance operates a global trading portfolio of more than twenty-two billion dollars-worth of assets. To put that into perspective, that’s one billion dollars each for every person who actually enjoyed the Adderall overdose advert that was Suicide Squad.

Whether you believe the scare stories about genetically modified foods or you think they’re simply the next logical step in human agriculture, you can’t help but feel a little uneasy about the practices of GM’s largest producer Monsanto.

Cellebrite may sound like something you use to polish celebrities, but they’re actually a secretive Israeli tech company whose data extraction techniques are used by cellphone providers and law-enforcement agencies. In fact much of their technology can be found in Apple stores today, which is surprising, since they probably helped the FBI to hack their encryption.

Before you go feeling sorry for Steve Jobs’ turtleneck-wearing ghost, don’t forget Apple themselves are incredibly secretive regarding their products and marketing efforts, and if you attempt to break this secrecy they will spare no expense to obliterate you.

Blackwater are pretty much the closest thing on Earth to an evil supervillain’s organisation right now. The company’s founder was former Navy Seal Erik Prince, who already sounds pretty badass, and on his watch they employed thousands of former military personnel to act as a private mercenary army, with their missions involving top-secret black operations in both the US, the Middle East and beyond.

Police strike DAPL protesters, arrest dozens, demolish ‘Last Child Camp’ Not Supported By The Dakota Tribe [VIDEO]


Published on Feb 2, 2017

Police arrested 76 people on Wednesday during a clash with DAPL protesters after their camp was declared illegal and the decision was made to demolish it and disperse its occupants. The incident brings the total number of those arrested in connection with DAPL to more 700. Alexey Yaroshevsky has the details.

FAKE NEWS? —> You’re Fired! Two Secret Service Managers Forced to Resign, Escorted from White House Grounds [VIDEO]



GABBY GIRL @HEARTHIS12 4h4 hours ago

UPDATE: REPORT DENIED: IT WAS FAKE NEWS!!! Secret Service Managers Fired, Escorted from White House Grounds




Published on Feb 3, 2017

At least two manager level Secret Service officials were fired and escorted from the White House complex, according to a report by reporter Steve Clemons.

The Secret Service has been accused of slow-walking an investigation of an agent based in Denver who publicly stated she would not ‘take a bullet’ for President Donald Trump.

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UPDATE:  Report Denied! White House Story Changes to Cyber Security Firing



Published on Feb 3, 2017

We now have updated info that changes the original story completely. The original poster of this has posted update responses at the bottom of the link below!

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