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At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016


Source: Kit Daniels

A study revealing that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton doesn’t account for dead and fraudulent voters, which accounted for over 25 million “registered voters” during the 2012 presidential election – and little has changed since then.

Illegal alien voters combined with dead and “multiple state” voters could easily explain Clinton’s “popular vote” margin over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, especially considering that her “victory” came from Democratic-controlled counties known for illegal immigration and loose voter ID laws such as in New York and California.

“A report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote, and 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate,” NPR reported in 2012, which is ironic given how NPR is heavily controlled by Democrats.

And many of the dead, registered voters somehow keep voting Democrat from beyond the grave, most recently in Philadelphia, Penn. and Colorado.

It’s also worth noting that the U.S. population has increased since 2012, meaning that there’s likely more dead and invalid voters than before.

“…The Pew study found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in more than one state,” NPR added.

That’s because when a new resident registers to vote in a state, officials usually never bother to tell his former state about the change in voter residency.

Under the “catch and release” immigration program by the Obama administration, illegal aliens were routinely given bus tickets to travel to other states by immigration officials, so it was theoretically possible for non-citizens to register to vote in a border country illegally, then register to vote in another state after their taxpayer-funded bus dropped them off.

Clinton won most of the 163 most populous counties in the US that account for half of the total votes in the election, including dense urban areas in New York and California, yet she only won the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, which reveals the lack of enthusiasm voters had for her in comparison to Trump – and that Democrats would have depended more on illegal votes.

A portion of the 24 million invalid voter registrations combined with a portion of the 1.8 million dead voters and the over 800,000 known illegal voters could explain the difference of 2.5 million votes, and it’s worth noting that the 800,000 figure could be a low, conservative estimate.

That said, a popular vote victory is meaningless; if the president was elected by popular vote, then both Trump and Clinton would have campaigned in entirely different states because only densely population regions of the U.S. would decide who would become president.

Without the electoral college, the United States of America would be reduced to the United States of New York and California, with 48 other vassal states.

Yet notice how Clinton campaigned in other, less populated states.  They knew the popular vote was meaningless ahead of the election.

However, the popular vote is useful as a barometer for voter fraud since the most populous countries are also the most susceptible to election tampering by illegal, invalid and dead voters.





‘Can You Hear Me?’ Scam Has Police Warning Would-Be Victims to Hang Up Immediately



“Can you hear me?” It is a simple question, but police say answering it could make you the victim of a scam.

Police in Virginia are now warning about the scam, which has also been recently reported in Florida, and, in 2016, in Pennsylvania.

“Anytime you become victim to a crime, you just feel violated,” said Officer Jo Ann Hughes with the Norfolk Police Department.

Here’s how it works – police say you’ll receive a phone call from a number you do not know.

“Usually it has a familiar area code,” Hughes told KTLA sister station WTKR, making the potential victim more likely to answer the call.

Police say after you answer the phone, a person – or automated recording – on the other end of the line introduces themselves and their business.

“That kind of warms you up,” Hughes said.

After the introduction comes the question, “Can you hear me?”

“All of us, our natural response is to say, ‘Yes,’ or ‘Sure,’ or ‘Yes I can,'” said Hughes, but she says this is exactly what you do not want to do.

Police say scammers record your “yes” response. In one variation of the scam documented by the Better Business Bureau in October 2016, the criminals may pretend to be from a cruise line or home security company and will later bill you for products or services you never asked for.

If you try to deny the charges, the scammers will playback your verbal confirmation “yes” and threaten to take legal action if you don’t pay.

In another variation, scammers may use the recording to authorize charges on a stolen credit card or with a utility company by tricking an automated system, according to CBS News. The con artists may have already stolen other personal information through a data breach that would allow them to pass the security checks.

“A lot of times, victims do not want to come forward because they are embarrassed. They feel like, ‘It was my fault. I should have known better,’ and they are just embarrassed by it all together. So we do not get a whole lot of reports, unfortunately,” said Hughes.

Los Angeles Times business columnist David Lazarus told KTLA Wednesday that he got one of these calls last week.

“The call that I got, it sounded like a woman was calling. … She was bobbling her headset, and she said, ‘I’m sorry, I couldn’t get my headset on. Can you hear me?’” Lazarus said.

“What law enforcement and consumer advocates want you to know is: If it sounds like somebody is trying to get you to say ‘yes’ to something … Careful, don’t say anything,” Lazarus said.

Often the scam caller is actually a recording, he said.

Police say to avoid this scam, follow this advice.

1.Do not answer the phone from numbers you do not recognize.

2.Do not give out personal information.

3.Do not confirm your number over the phone.

4.Do not answer questions over the phone.

And finally this piece of advice: Hang up the phone and call police instead.

“We really want people to hear this,” said Hughes. “Say, ‘Look, I just heard about this scam on TV’ … and to hang up.”


‘Can You Hear Me?’ Scam Has Police Warning Would-Be Victims to Hang Up Immediately

Forbes shamelessly shilling once again: publishes article about putting Big Pharma ‘conspiracy theories’ to rest

Image: Forbes shamelessly shilling once again: publishes article about putting Big Pharma ‘conspiracy theories’ to rest

A pharmaceutical technician recently admitted that the pharma industry does not expend resources developing drugs it knows will be unprofitable, regardless of whether or not they are needed. He also said that if consumers want lower drug prices, then they must be willing to pay higher taxes.

The comments were made by seasoned pharma tech Drew Smith in response to the following question: “How valid are skeptics’ arguments that pharmaceutical companies aren’t trying to cure deadly diseases because doing so would impact their bottom line?”

Smith is a former employee for NeXstar Pharma, SomaLogic, and MicroPhage, which filed for bankruptcy in December 2012. His remarks were published on Quora, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked and answered by its users.

Big Pharma’s synthetic pills are killing people … yet authentic m#arijuana is still criminalized 



Forbes jumps at chance to smear pharma critics

Unsurprisingly, the column was republished by Forbes magazine with the headline: “Why It’s Time To Put Big Pharma Conspiracy Theories To Rest.” Forbes is notorious for favoring some of the world’s most offending industries, including Big Pharma and powerful agrochemical companies responsible for blanketing the planet in harmful herbicides.

Forbes once employed Jon Entine, a physical abuser marked for his paid attacks on holistic health practitioners, advocates, and bloggers. A known propaganda machine, Forbes was voted America’s most evil news publisher.

In the Quora column, Smith stated blatantly that pharma is in fact a “profit-seeking organization” that pursues returns and not losses. Responding to the initial question about pharma only being interested in curing diseases that are profitable to them, he wrote:

“There are two possible answers here, depending on how the question is read. If the accusation is that companies will not make R&D investments to address diseases whose markets are too small or too impoverished to generate a positive return on that investment, then the answer is ‘of course they aren’t.’  Profit-seeking organizations seek profits, not losses.”

Smith argues that the only way to create alternative pathways for drug development is for taxpayers to fund non-profit organizations. So, if consumers want to pay less, they’re going to have to pay up, according to Smith.

The problem with this suggestion is that drug development would still be controlled by the money handlers. Whoever controls the money, determines the outcome, and eventually the science. This could only work if there was a “blind pool” of money for researchers to tap into, thus eliminating special interests with financial controls.


Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company  



Pay up if you want lower drug prices, says pharma tech

Smith then addresses the accusation that drug companies “deliberately develop drugs that treat, rather than cure diseases,” an angle he calls “more sinister.”

“In this way, they act like dope dealers whose customers, once addicted, can be exploited to generate an endless stream of profit. It is a view that Pfizer prefers to create drugs like Lipitor, which patients take for the rest of their lives, rather than a single treatment that cures high serum cholesterol once and for all,” says Smith.

“I don’t doubt that there are drug company execs whose utter amorality would lead them to pursue such a strategy if it were feasible,” he says. “But it would be a losing strategy. There is real competition in the pharma industry, and a drug that cures a disease will kick the ass of a drug that merely controls it.”

While Smith is right about the fact that a curing drug would attract much more attention and potentially be profitable if it were to hit the market, he doesn’t admit that drug companies routinely conceal cures so that they can continue pushing life-long drugs – which create an endless stream of profit.

Lipitor, the widely prescribed drug Smith mentioned, was predicted to generate more than $131 billion in lifetime sales. It generated $3 billion in sales in 2015 alone. It’s hard to imaging Big Pharma developing a cure that could top $131 billion in sales.

Wrapping up his response, Smith says our current “market-oriented” system for drug development is “mostly” fair, arguing that consumers are in fact the greedy ones, particularly if they’re unwilling to cough up more taxpayer money.

“It’s the job of governments to align market incentives with societal needs when possible, or create alternative institutions when not. The latter approach means paying higher taxes.

“I would hope that those who complain of greedy drug companies are willing to vote higher taxes to create alternative paths to drug development. Otherwise they are showing the same greed (albeit at a smaller scale) as the worst players in the industry.”


Can President overcome Republicans’ deep collusion with Big Pharma, and the industry? 









Medical breakthrough: Woman’s lungs removed for six days, replaced [VIDEO]


Published on Jan 27, 2017

Doctors in Canada accomplished a medical first by removing both of her lungs for six days while she waited for a transplant. Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, surgeon-in-chief at the Sprott Dept. of Surgery, was one of 13 surgeons required for the surgery, and now joins RT America’s Manila Chan to recount their thrilling accomplishment and discuss the medical science behind i

Nasty Woman’s March Leader Kidnapped, Raped, Tortured & Killed A Man [VIDEO]


Published on Jan 28, 2017

When the speakers at the Women’s March in Washington DC last week said they were “nasty women,” they weren’t kidding.


One speaker at the march, Donna Hylton, is a convicted felon who took part in the kidnapping, torturing, sodomizing and murder of a homosexual man.