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HILLARY CLINTON RUNNING AGAIN 2020 and LAUNCHING TALK SHOW: Clinton Will Host Talk Show Before 2020 If She’s Still Alive And Not In Prison


Published on Jan 25, 2017

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‘I’ll be back!’: Defeated candidate Clinton considers launching liberal television show to lay the groundwork for ANOTHER White House run


Doctors Claim People Being Killed for Organs! Beware!


In this shocking interview, doctors blow the whistle on the biggest secret in the medical system!  People are murdered for their organs all over the world now!

Doctors are declaring people “brain dead” when they are not!  Then they are being medically suffocated by having the breathing machines turned off for 10 minutes!

This does damage to their brains insuring they will never recover.

The lying doctors come out and tell the families there is nothing they can do for their loved ones because they are “brain dead”!

Finally out comes a highly trained organ donor specialist to put heavy pressure on the family to sign the papers to make them an organ donor!

Once that’s done, the patient is given even better care until their organs are harvested while they are still alive!  You can only harvest organs from people who are alive!

After you hear the truth, you’ll never believe in organ donation again!  It’s all a money making scam for the doctors and hospitals and people are being killed for it!

Get the truth out everywhere!  People who could be saved are being injected with paralyzing chemicals and declared brain dead so their organs can be cut out while they are still alive!

These organs make millions for the hospitals but the family doesn’t ever see a penny of course to even pay for the funeral!

You’ll hear the story from a  woman who lost her young son this way.  She found out the truth!  Will you?

In China, they are forceably removing organs from innocent Falun Gong practitioners (link HERE) and Christians, with an estimated two million people already killed for their organs.

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Florida Cop Charged for Stealing 79 year old Woman’s Dog then Shoving Pills Down Her Throat to Kill Her


Source: Matt Agorist

Sarasota, FL — An unfortunate reality in the United States is that even the disabled and the elderly are not safe from falling victim to police misconduct. As a recent case in Sarasota County, Florida, illustrates, innocent elderly women are not immune from abuse of power — and even attempted murder — by police.

This case and the following details are close to one of the worst stories The Free Thought Project has ever reported on regarding police.

Frankie Eugene Bybee, 46, is an 18-year veteran of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, who has been arrested on multiple charges, including attempted murder, for preying on a 79-year-old woman.

According to Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight, allegations of Bybee harassing the elderly woman led to an investigation that uncovered horrendous criminal acts.

What makes this case even more horrifying is the fact that from an outsider’s perspective, it appeared that Bybee was going out of his way to help the 79-year-old woman. However, upon closer inspection, the true nature of his plan was exposed.

Bybee’s relationship with the elderly woman began after he responded to her call for help. After their first meeting, Bybee would frequently return to her retirement home in what appeared on the surface as genuine concern. Bybee even went so far as to introduce his family to the woman.

However, while things looked normal on the surface, Bybee was allegedly plotting to steal everything he could from this woman he apparently felt was helpless.

The theft started with her dog.

While the 79-year-old was in the hospital, Bybee said he would watch her dog. Instead, the deputy allegedly sold the dog on Craigslist. On Monday, police were able to locate the woman’s beloved and expensive Yorkshire terrier.

On December 20, the woman filed a complaint with the department about the theft of her dog. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

After the complaint was filed, according to the arrest affidavits, investigators found that multiple checks had been written out of the woman’s account — directly to Bybee and his children. The checks, which investigators accused Bybee of writing to himself, totaled upwards of $65,000.

After Bybee caught wind of the investigation, however, that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

On January 12, the victim told police that Bybee entered her home through an unlocked door. He was dressed in all black and wearing latex gloves.

According to WFLA:

The victim told officials the suspect “grabbed her face with his gloved hands and pressed hard against her causing her to bleed from her mouth,” the affidavit stated.


The victim stated Bybee tried to force a handful of unknown pills into her mouth while placing his knee in her pelvis before trying to “force” the victim to take her own tranquilizer medication that was used to help her sleep, the document stated.


The victim lost consciousness for a period of time before regaining consciousness and noticing her kitchen door ajar to her garage, her car running and the house filling with carbon monoxide.

“It is beyond unacceptable that an individual who works in a position of trust and guardianship to their community, is capable of such heinous crimes. His actions are a disgrace not only to our agency. but to law enforcement professionals everywhere,” said Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight.

“I hope he gets prosecuted a little bit more exceptionally than a normal criminal because he used the uniform for public trust,” said Knight. “His actions are a disgrace not only to this agency, but to the law enforcement profession.”


However, as we’ve seen in the past, even the most heinous of crimes committed by cops receive lighter punishments as defense lawyers use their stellar history as a law enforcement officer as a means of seeking a lighter sentence.


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Senate To Investigate FBI ‘Cover-Up’ Of Illegal Clinton Emails

Senate to consider launching new investigation over claims the FBI covered-up Hillary Clinton's misuse of an email server during their investigations

The U.S. Senate will consider whether or not to launch a full blown investigation into claims that the FBI covered-up criminal activity by Hillary Clinton during their email investigation last year. 

Senator Jeff Sessions is calling for an investigation into how the FBI granted immunity to Clinton Foundation director Cheryl Mills and destroyed evidence under congressional subpoena.

Breitbart.com reports:

“I was a U.S. attorney and an assistant U.S. attorney before that and I have been through a lot of these issues,” Sessions says.

Sessions said when he was a Department of Justice lawyer, he worked regularly with FBI agents and he was always impressed by their professionalism and their apolitical approach to their work.

“I love the FBI,” he said.

But, now after witnessing the extraordinary handling of evidence, witnesses involved in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email scheme and her handling of classified electronic correspondence, he is forced to reassess, he said.

Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president and Comey announced July 5 that he was recommending to the Department of Justice that she not be prosecuted in regard to the scandal.

“This is scary to me,” Sessions tells Carr. “I tried not to be critical of Comey at first.”

Sessions said the more he learns about Comey and the FBI’s operating outside of the bureau’s regular practices, the more concerned he becomes.

While the House of Representatives has made an effort to investigate Comey and the FBI’s behavior in the Clinton email scandal, the Senate needs to get involved also, he said.

Central to the FBI’s mismanagement of the scandal investigation is their preferential treatment of Mills, he said. Mills was Clinton’s chief of  staff at the State Department, an attorney in the administration of her husband President William J. Clinton and is now a member of the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors.

Howie Carr asked Sessions how is it that the former first lady could have Mills treated by the FBI and the Department of Justice as her attorney, while Clinton also had another team of lawyers from Williams and Connolly.

The efforts to cover up and protect everyone involved in the email scandal were blatant, Carr said. “Richard Nixon never dreamed of doing things like this.”

The Alabama senator said that benefit given to Mills was not justified.

“It is really unhealthy,” the senator said.

“She should not be treated as a legitimate lawyer–she surely had a conflict of interest,” he said. As it is understood in the Common Law, attorney-lawyer privilege protects communications between a lawyer and his client. But, there are limits on the privilege, so that it cannot be used to obstruct an investigation into a past or ongoing crime.

Mills and the FBI set up an investigation process, where Mills was in a position to know everything that was going on as both a potential target, witness and attorney, who was granted privilege with other targets and witnesses and allowed to attend interviews between the FBI and other potential targets and witnesses.

Sessions told Carr: “I don’t see how it is possible for someone so involved in a case that they refuse to provide testimony and information without a grant of immunity.”

Mills must know she is in legal jeopardy, he said.

“That suggests that they think a truthful and or a truthful production of documents could incriminate them–and then, she turns around and is the lawyer for another possible co-conspirator in this activity?” he asked.

“It is a breathtaking thing,” the senator said.

Sessions said Mills, who was Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, then was granted attorney-lawyer privilege in regards to relationship with Clinton and was allowed to participate in FBI interviews with other individuals involved in the email scandal.

“I really don’t see how Congress can issue a subpoena for records and they then destroy those records,” he said.

“I am telling you that every business knows that if they get a subpoena for business records, and they destroy those records, they are subject to criminal prosecution and will be prosecuted,” Sessions said. “That’s a high prosecution case.”



‘How does Madonna saying she wants to blow up the White House help the campaign?’ Piers Morgan blasts singer for her attack on Trump


Madonna was a surprise speaker and performer at the Women’s March

  • The superstar stated that she’d ‘thought about blowing up the White House’ 
  • The Secret Service has reportedly said it will investigate her comments
  • Piers Morgan blasted the singer on Twitter and on Good Morning Britain
  • Madonna later posted on Instagram to say she was using a ‘metaphor’