NO,” Eric Braverman Alive” IS NOT FAKE NEWS! Some Are Reporting It As So.



by Pamela Williams

This report is in defense of a report I did yesterday on “Eric Braverman Surfaces.”

My source was:

The following is a description of the site:  “Get Silicon Valley Newsletters and Alerts, and it lists the author of the story –  Cromwell Schubarth – TechFlash Editor Silicon Valley Business Journal.  Therefore, I feel comfortable with the source of the article.  It is not a “fake news” site.



Both photos are courtesy of:

If you had been reporting on this from the beginning, would you have reported on the latest development?
The following website is questioning the news about Braverman to be fake.

They are saying the below, and I quote:
SNOPES deserves some credit for not taking this latest PR as proof Braverman is no longer missing. They are still calling the rumors “unproven.” After all, he still hasn’t been photographed holding today’s New York Times!I reached out to the author of the Biz Journal article, above, and he confirmed that he had no direct contact with Eric Braverman.   After many hours, you’ll notice Mr. Braverman hasn’t retweeted or ‘liked’ this announcement from Wendy Schmidt. Wendy is likely his manager or co-worker in this new project.

Glad to welcome @eric_braverman to direct our family office and continue to innovate in our philanthropic efforts.