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#PIZZAGATE REAL? Michael Rivero of WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM has a position


I get a lot of email about the Pizzagate issue, so allow me to clarify my position

1. There is no question that child sexual abuse is a very real problem, in the church, in entertainment, and in politics. Whether it’s the power trip, the thrill of doing something so vile and getting away with it, or too many prescription anti-depressants is unknown. It may be all three.

2. There are reports that Anthony Weiner’s laptop holds evidence of such crimes beyond Weiner himself.

3. The “evidence” linking pedophilia to Comet Pizza is, in my opinion, tenuous at best, based on assumptions as to what certain words in the Podesta emails mean, coupled with logos and graphics which we are told bear a slight resemblance to symbols used by organized pedophiles, which are not in fact matches. There is nothing substantive in this particular allegation. There is no corroboration.

Pizzagate feels like a false-trail, possibly to distract from Epstein’s little kinder-bordello and those who partook of it, possibly to embarrass the Independent Media and open us up to defamation lawsuits, or it might be a poison-the-well hoax to tarnish any real evidence of pedophilia among the elites that may surface in the near future. We know from the heavy handed tactics used to bury the Franklin Scandal that these perverts will go to any lengths, play any dirty tricks, to keep their secrets.

Hence, extreme caution is needed that we not fall for any traps.



Error 404: Chinese secret nuclear city of one million people lies abandoned like a ghost town [VIDEO]


Published on Dec 28, 2016

Secreted away in the Gobi Desert far from prying eyes lies a mysterious city known as ‘404’, which is said to have once been the focal point of China’s early nuclear weapons program.








Climate Change scientists who faked data are now desperately archiving it to cover their tracks

Image: Climate Change scientists who faked data are now desperately archiving it to cover their tracks

The latest fake news on climate change suggests that scientists are copying as much US climate data as possible, because they fear the data might be wiped out under the Trump administration. The misleading article doesn’t account for the past three decades of corrupt climate data from politicized activist scientists, who may be getting the boot from the incoming administration. If anything, those scientists should be deleting the data to cover their behinds, not copying it.

The recent fake news headline, “Scientists are frantically copying US climate data fearing it might vanish under Trump,” would pose major problems for the scientists, if it were true. Government employees, who protect government data by transferring it into private servers, would be committing the same federal crime that plagued Hillary Clinton’s campaign efforts.

Among the shocking revelations from 2009’s Climategate emails was the destruction of raw temperature data, by scientists who were supposed to maintain it. At the admission Phil Jones, a Climatic Research Unit member at the University of East Anglia, original raw data had not been kept due to storage availability. That seems more inline with something corrupt scientists would be inclined to do, opposed to preserving data. The Competitive Enterprise Institute launched a lawsuit over climategate because the EPA’s climate policies rely on the data that had been destroyed.

It’s typical to see the climate alarmist establishment freaking out over a Trump presidency; they are now at risk of having their lies exposed. Donald Trump is in no mood to show mercy to those who have manipulated raw temperature data to exaggerate global warming. Climate alarmists are claiming that the Trump administration won’t look after the data.

A Trump advisor has called for NASA to return to its roots, and focus solely on space exploration, not climate research. NASA’s focus on climate research was a bureaucratic overreach for the aeronautic space administration.

Trump’s transition team has sent an inquiry to the Department of Energy asking for the names of employees who are associated with climate change. The incoming administration wants to know which members have been attending annual global climate talks hosted by the United Nations, which department workers have attended meetings regarding the social cost of carbon, which employees receive the highest salaries, and which websites were maintained, or contributed to, by lab staff during scheduled work hours.

The questioning of the Department of Energy shows that Trump administration is preparing to do good work. Since the left-wing considers climate change to be among the highest of government priorities and a threat to national security, they should be happy to see Trump’s team making those inquiries.





Hundreds of US cities have water contamination worse than Flint Michigan [VIDEO]


Published on Dec 27, 2016

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan will be remembered as one of the most important stories of 2016 with 12,000 children at a high risk for a variety of problems after coming into contact with lead-contaminated water. But the US’s water woes don’t end with Flint, as RT America’s Marina Portnaya breaks down.

National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by Obama delivers air defense missiles to terrorists (ISIS) in Syria [VIDEO]




Published on Dec 28, 2016

The latest National Defense Authorization Act signed into law by President Barack Obama is a “threat” to Russians in Syria, Moscow says, as the bill “openly stipulates the possibility” of delivering more weapons which might “soon” end in the hands of terrorists.
Washington’s decision to supply weapons, including portable air defense missile systems, to militants in Syria “directly threatens the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, other Russian military personnel and the Russian Embassy in Syria, which has been shelled more than once,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Tuesday.
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Scorched Earth: Obama Destabilizing Middle East Ahead Of Trump Innauguration



Soros/Obama Want War For The Middle East  



Obama’s Christmas Gift To America



Published on Dec 28, 2016

Barack Obama signed the NDAA for the 2017 fiscal year, it was such a gift, he decided to give it over Christmas Eve. This is Obama’s gift to America, tyranny.