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Inside job? DNC documents were leaked, not hacked [VIDEO]


Published on Dec 17, 2016

Anonymous allegations that Russian government hackers interfered with the US elections are “evidence-free,” several retired intelligence professionals argued in an open letter. Any hack would have been noticed by the NSA, which has stayed silent, they say.


THREE Suspicious deaths around DNC this week!!  (Aug 5, 2016)



Published on Aug 5, 2016

Three suspicious deaths this week, all somehow connected to Hil-LIAR-y Clinton and/or the DNC. It seems to me the party of love, and peace, and butterflies and rainbows has a very nefarious underbelly



Muslim woman who said Trump supporters attacked her made up the story [VIDEO]


Published on Dec 15, 2016

A Muslim woman who alleged she had been attacked by Donald Trump supporters on a subway platform in Manhattan admitted she made up the whole story.

The Woody Harrelson Video Message The Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To Watch (Video)

Image: The Woody Harrelson Video Message The Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To Watch (Video)

“We live in a completely corrupted world where every government is just a bunch of businessmen working for a bunch of bigger businessmen and none of them give a shit about the people. The sad fact is no one knows how to change it, because no one knows how to take on the corporations. So I guess we’re stuck with this system until the oil runs out.” Watch below:

Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign was run on ‘fake news:’ staged photo ops, rigged debates, puppet journalists and scripted lines

Image: Hillary Clinton’s entire campaign was run on ‘fake news:’ staged photo ops, rigged debates, puppet journalists and scripted lines

Currently, “fake news” is the buzz word of the Regressive Left, and it’s something that we cannot seem to avoid hearing about. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, those on the Left have done everything in their power to explain why. Instead of accepting the fact that Clinton was an unlikable candidate that ran an uninspiring campaign, they have blamed everyone from third-party voters to the Russians for the loss.

Recently, though, “fake news” began to receive the brunt of the blame, which is hilarious when you consider that Hillary Clinton utilized actual fake news during her entire campaign.

During a speech at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s portrait unveiling last week, Hillary Clinton stated, “It’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk. Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities. It’s a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.” Because, of course, she did.

It has become common for people on the Left to blame everyone but themselves for their gross shortcomings, and “fake news” is the flavor of the week in that regard. Unfortunately for them, they will eventually have to acknowledge that the ones spreading fake news are those in the mainstream media. History will prove that the alternative media is spreading actual facts, while the likes of CNN and MSNBC are giving fluffy, watered-down versions of the truth – if they even tell the truth at all.

The real danger comes from the people who are considered reputable spreading complete and utter lies in order to protect the reputations of the Leftists who are funding their operations. Since the average American once believed reporters on CNN, there is still a history of them being honest and trustworthy. That’s incredibly unfortunate, but there is a way to prevent this from happening in the future.

We have to embrace alternative media outlets and fight alongside them during their battle for truth. Instead of allowing the Leftists to get away with calling such truth seekers liars and thieves, we have to stand up for them as they reveal the facts about those holding positions of power. The establishment has been in control for far too long. We now have the opportunity to change that – and we cannot let it go to waste.








Published on Dec 17, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, On Tuesday, a California appellate court ruled to allow former CNN producer Stanley Wilson’s racial discrimination lawsuit against his former employer to move forward, arguing that “the press has no special immunity” from such suits. As reported at the time by Deadline Hollywood, Stanley initially filed the suit two years ago after he was allegedly pink-slipped for complaining about in-house racial discrimination.

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