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Obama sneered at Kanye and called him jackass. Trump gave him the time of day and treated him like a human being


Uploaded on Sep 17, 2009
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President Barack Obama off-the-record honest comment about Kanye being a jackass. This isn’t a big deal, Kanye was being a jackass, so does it matter that Obama says it to a roomful of people he deals with on a regular basis at work? No, and it’s refreshing.

Original video with no network bugs or other overlays – enjoy.

‘You haven’t succeeded once’: Reporter grills US State Dept’s John Kirby over failures in Syria & blaming Russia [VIDEO]


Published on Dec 14, 2016

AP reporter Brad Klapper asks a series of tough questions to State Department spokesman John Kirby on the lack of US progress in Syria and why the US is laying all the blame on Russia.