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Huge #Pizzagate News Coming [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 27, 2016

Roger Stone joining the 2nd hr. We will get in to the recount effort, mitt romney, etc. Trump keeps a wildcard under the table though. We were one of the first groups to expose the satanism and the occult and the code words for pedophilia. did people accidentally use these, was it a set up from someone in the administration to get them to use these words? AJ will not just go on the air and say this person is a pedo or this person is a rapist etc. We have big breaking news on pizza gate right after the break.




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After months of wrangling, Parliament has passed a contentious new snooping law that gives authorities – from police and spies to food regulators, fire officials and tax inspectors – powers to look at the internet browsing records of everyone in the country.

The law requires telecoms companies to keep records of all users’ web activity for a year, creating databases of personal information that the firms worry could be vulnerable to leaks and hackers.

Civil liberties groups say the law establishes mass surveillance of British citizens, following innocent internet users from the office to the living room and the bedroom.

Tim Berners-Lee, the computer scientist credited with inventing World Wide Web, tweeted news of the law’s passage with the words: “Dark, dark days.”





CNN Anchor Don Lemon Accidentally Reveals Viral Protestor Was CNN Cameraman.

The protesters around this Country upset that President-elect Donald Trump won the Election fair and square are nothing but whiners and an embarrassment to the Country. I

In one film News Channel CNN is seen interviewing a crazy man screaming “blow up the Electoral College.” He screamed, begging the camera for Hillary Clinton to lawyer up with the Supreme Court and make “one vote one vote.”

He, also, was praising Clinton and her charity work. He must be very uneducated as to what her real charity work is. Of course, those of us who bother to educate ourselves know that Clinton is a crook. We know that the Clinton Foundation does nothing but line the pockets of the Clinton Mafia.

You would think that someone who works for a news channel would know this, as Don Lemmon let it slip that the protester was actually a CNN cameraman. Yes, he was a CNN cameraman. He should be arrested for inciting violence.

CNN should be boycotted by everyone who voted for Donald Trump, as they are doing their best now to bring down our Country.


He rants on about having been to Hillary Clinton’s Rwanda hospital (explained below).

But what many missed was the final portion of the video whereas the CNN anchor Don Lemon admits that the protester was a cameraman. This likely means that Rwanda trip to Hillary’s hospital was more likely his CNN job assignment.


FROM VIDEO:  Published on Nov 10, 2016

Don Lemon shares with us that the protester is a CNN camera man.


Published on Nov 10, 2016

CNN were caught out live on air interviewing a fake protester against Donald Trump, who was actually a CNN cameraman.











ABC News Busted For Staging A Crime-Scene Shot.


An ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis was caught staging a crime-scene shot.  A woman in Woodruff, SC was allegedly held captive by a registered sex offender locked up like an animal in a metal cage.  I remember reading about this horrific crime, wondering how anyone endures such a thing. The below is a link to the actual story, and it is one that will horrify you.


Woodruff, SC – A South Carolina man confessed to killing at least seven people in a hidden crime spree that lasted more than a decade and only was uncovered when police rescued a woman locked in a storage container, authorities said Saturday.

Among the crimes Todd Kohlhepp accepted responsibility for an unsolved 13-year-old massacre that stumped authorities, said Sheriff Chuck Wright .

In the South Carolina case, the couple disappeared about Aug. 31 when the woman went to do some cleaning on the suspect’s nearly 100-acre property near Woodruff. Her boyfriend accompanied her, said Daniel Herren, a friend who sat with the woman in her hospital room after she was rescued Thursday.

The Associated Press is not naming the woman because the suspect is a sex offender, though authorities have not said whether she was sexually assaulted.

As ABC was covering the above story, they set up their equipment in a field in Woodruff.  However, there was no police tape at the site they chose to broadcast from.  So the ABC correspondent, Linsey Davis, decided to put up her own.  As you can see from the above picture she tied the tape to broadcasting equipment.

An anonymous source sent the above photo to CNNMoney to show the shot was staged. The story was broadcast on ABC’S GOOD MORNING AMERICA.  The producer at ABC News said that this type of action was completely unacceptable and did not meet the standards of ABC.  Further she said they had taken the correspondent out of the field and were continuing to investigate the violation of ABC’S standards in reporting this story.


This is not the first time ABC News has doctored a shot.

In April, ABC News producer David Fazekas created a fake reservation list for a segment about a restaurant in upstate New York that was thought to be among the most exclusive in the world.

Fazekas later told The New Yorker that the chef “wouldn’t let us see his actual list, so I wrote it myself—like a reenactment in a documentary.”

“There are services on the Internet that generate fake names,” Fazekas said.



Published on Nov 6, 2016

ABC News Gets EXPOSED For Staging Crime Scene for Live Broadcast – Weirdest News


In 1992, NBC fabricated a news story entitled “Waiting to Explode,” claiming that a line of trucks produced by General Motors can explode on impact.

MSNBC Crops Video to Incite Racial Tension over AR-15 at Obama Rally




Mainstream Media Lies to the Masses – Media Lies – Media Lies Documentary

Published on Mar 17, 2014

The behind the scenes machinations of big money and politics are so well hidden from most of the population, that if people actually knew how things were really run, we would quite literally have a second revolution overnight. Henry Ford knew this well when he said, “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

Most people who read this might have a hard time fathoming how an entire nation could be so well deceived, but it’s really not that hard when you understand the inner workings and hierarchy of an overly revered media in which we place our blind trust.

The truth is not as you know it. Our faith in the media myth has been our Achilles heel.

Many have realized long ago that our politicians will lie to us at the drop of a hat, but most have no clue that our news media lies and deceives us just as much, if not more so.

We have been deceived by our media to such an extent, mostly because people are too trusting of our news system. They very naively believe that broadcasters and journalists would never lie to us. This trust has worked against us with devastating consequences which are unknown to most.

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FUNNY VIDEO: Proof that mainstream media is scripted



Published on May 6, 2015

Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Sean Hannity Confesses Using Fake Footage: “Jon Stewart Was Right!”



Uploaded on Nov 12, 2009

The night after Sean Hannity is caught by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” using tape of the “9/12 Rally” in Washington, mixed in with footage of the Congress protest in Washington on November 5, Hannity tells Jon Stewart: “You were right.”


Media Brainwashing – News simply repeats the same taglines & phrases OVER and OVER



Published on Jul 15, 2013





Published on Nov 27, 2016

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Alex Cooper for the Conservative Daily Post reports, Jill Stein has raised over $5.8 million with her fundraising campaign so far, but that’s not the incredible part. No, the part that will leave you stunned is the fact that the fine print explicitly states the “excess” money will go directly into Jill Stein’s special “non-profit” (sounds a lot like the Clinton Foundation).

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Satanic PizzaGate Is Going Viral Worldwide (Elites Are Terrified) [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 26, 2016

PizzaGate is going viral worldwide. Too late elites, you can’t kill us ALL. You can’t accuse us ALL of being pedos, when you’re the ones with Instagram accounts filled with the worst possible filth, and emails filled with the worst possible sadism. Child rapists and killers get the electric chair. The Washington Post should be disbanded. The New York Times should be driven into bankruptcy. Very bad people.

OBAMA’s REAL FATHER is Frank Marshall Davis !!! [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 24, 2013


I do not think people have any idea what a fraud +Barack Obama’s story really is… His REAL father is none other than the late +Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Pornographer/Propagandist.

Read on to find out how so.

+Barack Obama is a “kept” man, if you only knew what I know, just look into the fact who his real Father is, (hint: its not who his handlers claim it to be, its actually Frank Marshal Davis : http://goo.gl/wCzJJ ) which is of course not his fault, but the story behind that is a doozy.

And before you knee-jerk react to this, saying “Well, that is just right wing lies”, keep in mind that the left wing would never tell you that kind of truth, and that the core narrative is absolutely true, of course Joel Gilbert (the producer), was trying to hurt +Barack Obama with this truth, and for that reason, among others, it has not, for the truth can only help, never hurt!

Obama’s real father indeed was Frank Marshall Davis. (Obama even writes about him in his autobiography!) Davis was a hard core communist agitator in Hawaii at the time Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, was rebelling against her CIA Father Stanley Dunham, Hawaii CIA Station Chief, for pulling her out of college in Washington State, and dated Davis while her Father was supposed to be monitoring Davis’ activities.

Davis also a pornographer, impregnated Anne, yet thank G-D the Dunhams did not abort Obama. This story is so salacious, it is no wonder no one knows it, yet like all kept men in power, such a real background, guarantees compliance with his handlers wishes at all times.

WAKEUP SERIES http://goo.gl/Z5fwW

You simply must share this series exposing the Entertainment & Military Industrial Complexes far & wide, it is absolutely revelatory. If you can, download the videos yourself, for cannot imagine them remaining available for long, they are that damning.

Tim Fitzgerald introduces the series thusly: “The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together.”

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked
Wed 23 May 2012 01:16

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

If you ever wondered why the lives of Hollywood stars are so troubled but concluded the reason was nothing more than vanity, substance abuse, and too much money, think again.

Hollywood is ruled by a Kabbalistic cult—also known as the Illuminati—which is wreaking havoc in the lives those on the silver screen and in the music industry, according to blogger 101TheDestroyer in The Wake Up series.

TheDestroyer has created a series of videos shedding light on Hollywood’s deep dark secret, and all the big names are implicated. MK Ultra mind control, ritual murder, witchcraft, Freemasonry, membership at the Kabbalah Centre, and selling one’s soul to the devil are not the exception to the rule to making it in Hollywood but are actually prerequisites.

The proof? The prevalence of dissociative identity disorder (also known as split personality disorder) among the stars and their obsessive use of hand signs and occult symbolism in their album art and in their on-stage theatrics. Then there are the red Kabbalah bracelets that Hollywoodites can be found wearing when they are out of character.

But I am going to let the video presentations do the talking. I have broken down the main points from each of the 42 videos in point form below. (Just click on the parts links to go to the videos). The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together.

Out of all of the stars examined in The Wake Up series, you will learn that Madonna and Lady Gaga are two of the most loyal followers of Lucifer, and they are not afraid to admit it. Many of the other stars are not so loyal, and when they start to rebel from their childhood-based Illuminati programming or renege on their unspoken contract with Hollywood devils, they wind up dead or demoted. I guess Randy Quaid isn’t crazy after all.

Rhianna bent over inside a pyramid in the Umbrella music video. The videographers obviously doctored this scene to extend Rhianna’s neck—creating the snout—and to create the eyes at her shoulders—stylized after the Baphomet head on the right. In real time, this particular scene flashes by rather quickly to give it a subliminal effect.


Joel Gilbert Dreams From My Real Father



Published on Jul 23, 2012

Mr. GIlbert’s Video exposes the fraud perpetrated by our illegal alien President by showing the obvious connection of his mother, who posed nude for his likely father, pornographer and Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis.