Wikileaks Taken Over by CIA to Prevent Clinton Pedo Leaks, Leakers Will be Prosecuted, Staffer Says; Assange Denies: BUMP


Published on Nov 19, 2016

CIA shills started to attack this video by clicking ‘dislike button’ in order to discredit this video. Too late. Cat is out of the bag.

CIA shills are desperate now to discredit this video. They in turn made up a hoax theory and small-brainers are buying that story avidly.
Watch my another video:
Assange Already Arrested?: FOX NEWS 6:00 Morning News


This is a fascinating text/voice youtube video posted Nov. 19, supposedly by a Wikileaks staffer who says that the CIA has effective control of the organization and has clamped down on Clinton Foundation leaks due to the potentially negative effect on the global economy which would be caused by the collapse of governments due to disclosure of information on the global pedo ring.

The staffer is supposedly under a gag order and all his computer equipment was seized.

He posts his story in order to warn leakers from posting due to being exposed and prosecuted.

“We are no longer in control of Wikileaks,” he says.

“I can’t let the global pedophile network continue to exploit children,” he adds.

This could be disinformation, however, it refers to pedophilia, which seems unlikely in a disinformation situation.

Assange apparently denied that Wikileaks has been taken over by CIA in his call today, but I missed it and the call was not recorded.

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