Aloha! In the early 1970s Hillary Clinton was interning for a law firm in Berkeley,CA. She wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky and she corresponded with him in 1971 saying she was looking forward to his next book. The next book was Rules For Radicals. Even though her thesis was against the Alinsky tactics if you read them they look very familiar. It is almost as if her campaign followed them exactly.

I had two reasons not to vote for Hillary.


#2-She and her Obama CIA incursions into Syria, Libya and Yemen have resulted in the murder of 1/2 million muslims in Syria alone. This is the same playbook from the Vietnam Cambodia War that JFK took over from France! Why she was not crucified during the debates for that fact alone is beyond me! Why the media never connected her to the Aleppo child photos is testimony to the media bias. Only the Huffington Post ran a rant against Hillary entitled Hillary Clinton’s Syria Bloodbath! The only liberal rag jumping on her UN speech about Syria. Trump and his team failed to capitalize as well! His Bad!

There is nothing new under the Sun, but that never stops corrupt government in any way! I believe we are seeing government public school indoctrination exposed. This corrupt two party system is only loyal to itself and its gatekeepers. It was the “hubris of the system”! How do you know the deck was stacked against Trump? Not only was the entire media biased, but so was the banking cartel, the unions, the corporations and most of all the elite Republican party members hated him. Never Trumpers! Those who could see saw at that point it had nothing to do with political parties. It was US vs THEM! It was an Orwellian theme with an Alinsky Diatribe. It was “HER TURN”! IT WAS HER HUBRIS THAT LOST HER THE THRONE!