Was NZ Earthquake Man Made? World’s Biggest Seismic “Blast” Ship Was Parked Above Fault [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 15, 2016

If you were planning to do seismic blasting off the coast of a country, the best time to do it would be with the full moon wouldn’t it? That way people only discuss that as the possible reason for the quake.

The worlds biggest seismic blasting ship the Amazon Warrior was photographed off Rarangi Beach in Cloudy Bay last night. Right on top of a major fault line.

Green MP Steffan Browning reported it on his Facebook page for hours before the giant quakes.

The ship was met with protests when it arrived on the 13th…


There are trillions of dollars worth of oil and gas around NZ’s shores.


It has now been well reported (in the real/social media) that the US state department had advanced knowledge of the Christchurch quakes – with John Key saying they were “man made” earthquakes. Surely the oil company banker would know? Plus the usual dose of foreign spies with extra passports on scene – as there always is with most of these events…


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Strange bright lights flash across Wellington sky during New Zealand earthquake [VIDEO]



Published on Nov 7, 2016

I heard these Strange sounds coming from the sky this morning. In total, I heard it about a dozen times. It sounds like something you’d see or read about when the rapture or end times happen in movies or on TV (referred to as “sky trumpets”), or even creepy alienesque sounds from the movie War of the Worlds. I like out in the country in Lorain County, Ohio in Wellington and the sounds happened around 10:30-10:50am est. I have never, ever heard these sounds before either. After posting a video in Facebook I got calls from 2 other people who heard it too, and they live in different cities than I do. What could it be? Comment below if you heard these sounds this morning too. Like & share please! I would like to know what the heck these sounds are so share your stories if you have them.

PS– This is 4 video’s I recorded combined. I used Magisto to edit 4 separate video’s to one. This is NOT a hoax, is not fake, and it REALLY did happen! I would like to know if anyone else heard these sounds, where you are located, and what time did it happen?

UPDATE: 11/14/2016: I figured out how to add the original video’s to this one finally, lol.







Uploaded on Feb 23, 2011

IMPORTANT FACTS,MUST READ DOWN HERE: At 11:00 minutes on this video in the annotation the abbreviation for GDP ” stands for “Gross Domestic Product ” which is the total value of all goods,services,agricultural produce and jewels/minerals extracted in a country or area, usually in one year. The concept applies to countries, for example Canada,New Zealand etc and also to ‘trading blocs’ like the EU and NAFTA. Often the GDP divided by the population is used as a measure of relative prosperity and wealth.
start connecting up the dots,it gets more and more obvious of the prior knowledge of this man made earthquakes before it even happened,man made quakes are real and being executed globally and at an alarming rate, wake up to the forbidden truth that
has been hidden from you,its scarier then science fiction.
p.s (sorry about the mistake at 12:43 on the video,do not let this take you away from witnessing all the other blatant clues in this video that amount to a huge amount of evidence of prior knowledge if this haarp induced quake.

You do not need a fault line to be able to produce a man made earthquake,HAARP can create quakes anywhere there is water or trapped moisture,& our planet is honeycombed with water & pockets of gas. HAARP can move tectonic plates in any direction it is aimed at,Scalar waves which are generated off of EM waves can accomplish this.There are countless top secret HAARP array’s worldwide,stop focusing on just the HAARP in Alaska because its one of the only publicly known antenna farms,top secret above & underground haarp facilities cover the globe.

To individuals who are handicapped in their ability to get the blatant facts this earthquake was haarp induced,to those of you who think the pole shift created the haarp N.Z quake,your clueless,NASA has gone to the extreme measures of brainwashing the masses,they’ll tell the public of an oncoming pole shift& also make up fault lines just so that they can get away w/ creating their man made disasters,they also created a fraudulent cloud chart full of chem clouds& chem trails,get it ,the brainwashing starts in the highest levels of government ,science& education

It cracks me up when i see brainwashed minds leave ignorant comments under this video like “that chart is fake(even if it was off,look at the other huge amount of evidence) or “haarp doesn’t have the ability for mind control or to control behavior patterns/emotions”or” haarp cant create earthquakes,prove it” “or why would they pick on a small town like christchurch” “or they say the stars had something to do with it” there mind cant concieve of a man made quake & is grasping for logic,so its easier for them to disqualify all the blatant clues in this video of an inside job, then they go on about the volcanoes,the star alignment,or the solar flares or the falt lines being the cause of these quakes,they do not realize the government uses & hides behind these exact excuses,the govt knows how pathetic mankind is,they are so easily manipulated & controlled,they are judging in an area where they are ASLEEP & CLULESS,but the false ego has to think it knows everything even when it doesn’t know squat…the nwo brainwashing machine of the mass media has their belief system by the balls,they couldn’t fathom that our government could be capable of such evil,or hide something of this magnitude from them & get away with it,or that the science of today is not advanced enough for such nonsense,the fact that these issues are not in the news is the reason these brainwashed droids sabotage the forbidden truth,its like they are slaves to the lie being fed to them from the highest levels in science,government & education ,they are totally possessed by arrogance & disinfo,yet they dare come by this video of evidence & rip it apart,only because its so far over their heads,so beyond what their suppressed &confused consciousness could fathom that they have to spit on it with their brainwashed ignorance and mockery,just start adding up all the clues in the video & the annotations,they speak volumes of an inside job and prior knowledge of man made earthquake,if u do not have anything intelligent and supportive to say then just please just go away,i will block u if u spew ignorance here,if you have issues believing this Haarp chart to be authentic you still cant avoid the blatant pile of other evidence in this video that all points to prior knowledge of a man made haarp induced quake.

all 5 of these web sites are using my video here,take a look