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Actually, ‘Nobody’ Won the 2016 Presidential Election — and it Was a Landslide


“Nobody for President, that’s my campaign slogan,” Nick Cannon asserted in “Too Broke to Vote,” his viral criticism of the American electoral process from March of this year. Now, it turns out nobody for president won the 2016 election in a landslide.

According to new voter turnout statistics from the 2016 election, 47 percent of Americans voted for nobody, far outweighing the votes cast for Trump (25.5 percent) and Hillary (25.6 percent) by eligible voters

And  the “I voted for nobody” group is actually much larger than the 47 percent reported because that number only includes eligible voters. How many millions of Americans under the legal voting age — not to mention the countless millions who have lost their voting rights — voted for nobody, as well? Factoring in those individuals, around 193 million people did not vote for Trump or Clinton. That’s nearly two-thirds of the population of the United States.

Nobody also seemingly won the presidential primaries, with only 9 percent of Americans casting their votes for either Trump or Clinton.

Today’s paper, an unintentional reminder to look at third party candidates like @GovGaryJohnson or @DrJillStein. pic.twitter.com/vC6KnbIq7h

— Edward Snowden (@Snowden) August 1, 2016

So when does nobody take office? Nobody won the majority of votes in the primaries or the general election, and the two main candidates who were running didn’t “win” the popular vote — they simply slightly out-competed each other considering neither garnered over 50 percent of the eligible voters’ ballots.

That’s where the real debate begins.

As I wrote back in August when the primary voter turnout rates came in, one could argue that Trump (and Obama) do not have a legitimate mandate to rule over the people of the United States. Trump did not win the majority of Americans’ votes — not even close.

When all Americans are included, Trump only garnered the votes of about 19 percent of us. This means the United States will be ruled over by a small minority of voters who elected someone to continually impose their political positions on the other 81 percent of us.

Of course, as is the case with Democrats looking to assign blame for Hillary’s loss, pundits and political pontificators argue the people who didn’t vote have no right to complain about the outcome. After all, a non-vote or a vote for a third-party candidate was, in actuality, a vote for Trump. But that logic is flawed. The majority of Americans don’t vote anymore because the political system no longer represents them. We’ve been disenfranchised by decades of corrupt, unrepresentative politicians.

The United States, according to a highly-cited academic study, is effectively an oligarchy “elected” by a minority of voters ruled by a smaller minority of disliked politicians who represent an even smaller minority of billionaires and special interests. You know it, I know it, hell, even former U.S. President Jimmy Carter knows it. The majority of Americans voted for nobody not because they don’t care or because they are apathetic — they voted no confidence in a political system that forgot about them a long time ago.

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Strange bright lights flash across Wellington sky during New Zealand earthquake [VIDEO]


Published on Nov 7, 2016

I heard these Strange sounds coming from the sky this morning. In total, I heard it about a dozen times. It sounds like something you’d see or read about when the rapture or end times happen in movies or on TV (referred to as “sky trumpets”), or even creepy alienesque sounds from the movie War of the Worlds. I like out in the country in Lorain County, Ohio in Wellington and the sounds happened around 10:30-10:50am est. I have never, ever heard these sounds before either. After posting a video in Facebook I got calls from 2 other people who heard it too, and they live in different cities than I do. What could it be? Comment below if you heard these sounds this morning too. Like & share please! I would like to know what the heck these sounds are so share your stories if you have them.

PS– This is 4 video’s I recorded combined. I used Magisto to edit 4 separate video’s to one. This is NOT a hoax, is not fake, and it REALLY did happen! I would like to know if anyone else heard these sounds, where you are located, and what time did it happen?

UPDATE: 11/14/2016: I figured out how to add the original video’s to this one finally, lol.







Uploaded on Feb 23, 2011

IMPORTANT FACTS,MUST READ DOWN HERE: At 11:00 minutes on this video in the annotation the abbreviation for GDP ” stands for “Gross Domestic Product ” which is the total value of all goods,services,agricultural produce and jewels/minerals extracted in a country or area, usually in one year. The concept applies to countries, for example Canada,New Zealand etc and also to ‘trading blocs’ like the EU and NAFTA. Often the GDP divided by the population is used as a measure of relative prosperity and wealth.
start connecting up the dots,it gets more and more obvious of the prior knowledge of this man made earthquakes before it even happened,man made quakes are real and being executed globally and at an alarming rate, wake up to the forbidden truth that
has been hidden from you,its scarier then science fiction.
p.s (sorry about the mistake at 12:43 on the video,do not let this take you away from witnessing all the other blatant clues in this video that amount to a huge amount of evidence of prior knowledge if this haarp induced quake.

You do not need a fault line to be able to produce a man made earthquake,HAARP can create quakes anywhere there is water or trapped moisture,& our planet is honeycombed with water & pockets of gas. HAARP can move tectonic plates in any direction it is aimed at,Scalar waves which are generated off of EM waves can accomplish this.There are countless top secret HAARP array’s worldwide,stop focusing on just the HAARP in Alaska because its one of the only publicly known antenna farms,top secret above & underground haarp facilities cover the globe.

To individuals who are handicapped in their ability to get the blatant facts this earthquake was haarp induced,to those of you who think the pole shift created the haarp N.Z quake,your clueless,NASA has gone to the extreme measures of brainwashing the masses,they’ll tell the public of an oncoming pole shift& also make up fault lines just so that they can get away w/ creating their man made disasters,they also created a fraudulent cloud chart full of chem clouds& chem trails,get it ,the brainwashing starts in the highest levels of government ,science& education

It cracks me up when i see brainwashed minds leave ignorant comments under this video like “that chart is fake(even if it was off,look at the other huge amount of evidence) or “haarp doesn’t have the ability for mind control or to control behavior patterns/emotions”or” haarp cant create earthquakes,prove it” “or why would they pick on a small town like christchurch” “or they say the stars had something to do with it” there mind cant concieve of a man made quake & is grasping for logic,so its easier for them to disqualify all the blatant clues in this video of an inside job, then they go on about the volcanoes,the star alignment,or the solar flares or the falt lines being the cause of these quakes,they do not realize the government uses & hides behind these exact excuses,the govt knows how pathetic mankind is,they are so easily manipulated & controlled,they are judging in an area where they are ASLEEP & CLULESS,but the false ego has to think it knows everything even when it doesn’t know squat…the nwo brainwashing machine of the mass media has their belief system by the balls,they couldn’t fathom that our government could be capable of such evil,or hide something of this magnitude from them & get away with it,or that the science of today is not advanced enough for such nonsense,the fact that these issues are not in the news is the reason these brainwashed droids sabotage the forbidden truth,its like they are slaves to the lie being fed to them from the highest levels in science,government & education ,they are totally possessed by arrogance & disinfo,yet they dare come by this video of evidence & rip it apart,only because its so far over their heads,so beyond what their suppressed &confused consciousness could fathom that they have to spit on it with their brainwashed ignorance and mockery,just start adding up all the clues in the video & the annotations,they speak volumes of an inside job and prior knowledge of man made earthquake,if u do not have anything intelligent and supportive to say then just please just go away,i will block u if u spew ignorance here,if you have issues believing this Haarp chart to be authentic you still cant avoid the blatant pile of other evidence in this video that all points to prior knowledge of a man made haarp induced quake.

all 5 of these web sites are using my video here,take a look





‘War crimes of torture’: International Criminal Court signals charges against US armed forces & CIA


Source: RT


The International Criminal Court’s preliminary probe into the activities of the US armed forces and the CIA in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2004 shows there to be a “reasonable basis to believe that, in the course of interrogating these detainees […] members of the US armed forces and the US Central Intelligence Agency resorted to techniques amounting to the commission of the war crimes of torture, cruel treatment, outrages upon personal dignity, and rape,” Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said, as cited by AFP.

She discovered that most of the alleged abuses took place between 2003 and 2004, but did not cease in the following years. She also pointed out that the abuses appear to have been “approved interrogation techniques,” utilized deliberately in “an attempt to extract ‘actionable intelligence’ from detainees,” as the report states.

These alleged crimes were not the abuses of a few isolated individuals.”

The report stated that the US Army soldiers subjected at least 61 detainees to torture practices, and CIA officers did so to at least 27 detainees, mostly between May, 2003 and December, 2004.

It highlighted some 25 of the most frequently reported methods of abuse, supposedly executed through more than 140 means, including beatings, sexual violence, deprivation of sleep and water, forced feeding and waterboarding.


The alleged victims were typically male, with 70 percent of them aged between 18 to 34 years and 44 under the age of 18 at the time of the arrest and/or detention,” the report details.

The US military faced allegations of torture before. In December 2014, the US Senate issued the so-called ‘torture report’, which revealed that CIA officials lied to the government and public about its post-9/11 torture program, most notably by distorting records of interrogations, which used far more brutal methods than they let show. Then nearly a year ago, in late November of 2015, the US Department of Defense responded to the allegations, saying that the Department of Defense already had conducted nearly 200 investigations of detainee abuse, which led to prosecution or disciplinary action against “hundreds of service members” for “misconduct and mistreatment of detainees.” 

Should formal charges be filed following Bensouda’s report, Washington may be found in violation of several ‘war crimes’ provisions of the ICC Rome Statute. However, as the United States has not ratified the Rome Statute, observers believe it is unlikely that its soldiers in foreign missions will be prosecuted.

‘Unlawful killings’ by UK

Britain is also mentioned in the ICC probe. It says it’s looking into a total of 1,390 victim accounts it received from the NGO European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and Public Interest Lawyers (PIL). It appeared that 1,071 of those accounts related to alleged ill-treatment of detainees, and another 319 suggested alleged “unlawful killings” committed by the British personnel in Iraq between 2003 and 2008.

According to PIL, British personnel committed 319 cases of unlawful killings out of which 267 were committed in the course of military operations other than arrest and detention, and 52 were committed against persons in custody of UK authorities,” the ICC said.

In her annual “Report on Preliminary Examination Activities,” the ICC’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda covered investigations being conducted against UK officials’ alleged “responsibility for war crimes” in Iraq between 2003 and 2008, as well as in connection with the situations in Ukraine and Palestine.

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Published on Nov 14, 2016

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