This stuff coming out about PizzaGate, Podesta, the masonic satanist cults, etc… If it’s true…It makes Eyes Wide Shut a much scarier movie [VIDEO]

Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley Kubrick’s last film, and the plot revolves heavily around a guy digging deeper into a secret cult of society’s elites. He’s eventually intimidated into ceasing his investigation.

The secret society of the upper class is shown to have creepy sex-based rituals, with elements that seem to be modified from Christianity, like a bastardization of it. Here it is.

The creepy part, though, is the old conspiracy theory that Kubrick was killed because of this movie. People believe he was a central figure in the Illuminati (he seems to be the most respected one in all Hollywood, despite not being a hitmaker like Spielberg). The theory asserts that the above ritual and other behaviors shown by the upper class in the film are based upon true behaviors of those people, and a real secret society of theirs.

I never believed it, because I didn’t believe in a secret ruling class secret society, I thought it was dumb tbh. Plus, he was over 70, and the official cause of death is a heart attack while he slept. Seems likely. I figured it was just art for art’s sake, while being an interesting look at society’s financial heirarchy. That changed with the Podesta emails.

What the Podesta emails possibly show is that the theory IS true. The upper class DOES hold secret, ritualistic meetings, (we know for sure that they attend Spirit Cooking rituals now) and the links people are bringing up are revealing all this crazy stuff about ritualistic, masonic, satanist sex rituals, largely involving children and sacrifice, as well as cannibalism.

We still don’t know for SURE what’s true and what’s not, but Eyes Wide Shut fits WAY too well into this theory with all of this other stuff coming out.

Not to mention, who was the President when the movie came out? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that answer.

All I know is that I’m scared and want to be closer to God than I’ve been in years.