Obama/Hillary Clinton/Joe Biden Run FEMA Camps Full Of People By Christmas. Donald Trump Will Not Make It To Inauguration Day.


Why are people so easily deceived by what they see? Please Don’t Use Your Two Lying Eyes For Critical Discerment Of Deeper Unseen Matters. A sinister plan is about to be unleased on the American Public, but they are totally oblivious to the fact due to major deception from Wicked Puppet Masters. Donald Trump Was Just A Pawn In A Grand Scheme To Finally Get Obama-Satan-Antichrist & Hillary Clinton-ISIS-Ishtar-Lilith-False Prophet Into Place For The Official Start Of The NWO Early Next Year, 2017.

Donald Trump Will Be Quickly Removed From The Spot Light Due To Massive Head Trauma That Will Cause A Subdural Hematoma, As Seen In An Episode Of The Twilight Zone Called “THE LINEMAN”. They Make Multiple References To Donald Trump And His Coming Head Wound, Hospitalization-St. Joseph’s, And His Loss Of Revenue From The Massive Rice Trade Between Him & China. Obama Does Not Want A Man With This Kind Of Power To Take The Upper Ranks And Neither Does Hillary Clinton, Because Its A Threat To Their NWO Positions.


Published on Feb 16, 2016

President Barack Obama says that Republican front-runner Donald Trump will not be elected to the White House in November. President Obama made the remark Tuesday while addressing the state of the 2016


Thus, They Have A Sinister Plan To Get Rid Of Donald Trump Permanently And Put Joe Biden In As Temporary President While They Both Exit The Scene And Hide Underground In Secure Locations, Only To Emerge Later As Partners, Antichrist & Possible False Prophet, During The NWO. Please Expect Things To Get Really Bad From Now Until Early Next Year, Because WW3 Is About To Break Out, Which Will Secretly Anchor Obama Into Position As A Wartime President, Under The War Powers Act.

So Between This Current Transistion In Between Administrations, We Are Looking At A Major False Flag UFO Invasion And Massive False Flag Terror Attacks Via ISIS, A US Government/UN Formed Terrorist Group Foretold In Psalms 83 That Will Bring About The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble Later On 30 Days Before The Start Of The Great Tribulation. The Coming ISIS-US Gov.-UN 10 Kings-Powers That Be Concocted Terror Attacks Within The USA-Babylon Will Make 911 Look Like A Mini Firecracker.

This Is All Going To Be Staged By The Wicked Powers That Be To Take Power Away From The Descendants Of Esau-Edomites Who Currently Run The USA Under Zionist Fake White Edomite Jews. The US Government Instigated War With Pakistan/Iran/Elam Will Soon Occur Before The Fall Of Babylon NY City Via Pure Fire & Brimstone, Foretold In Daniel 8th Chapter. Pakistan/Iran/Descendants Of Elam Who Will Be Erroneously Blamed For These Horrific Future Nuclear/Biochemical Attacks Spanning From LA To Chicago To NY City To Washington D.C., Which Will Be Used To Help Put The Entire Country Under National Martial Law, Will Be Joined By Russia And China, Their Allies Tied To The Ancient Assyrians. THE ASSYRIANS DON’T PLAY And Will Cause The Antichrist/False Prophet Many Problems In The Future Because They Are All Fighting For Supremacy Concerning Control Of The Earth Realm.

Multitudes Of Catastrophic Natural & Unatural Disasters Will Occur, Leading Many To Rely On The Wicked Highly Deceptive Government For Support. They Will Be Rounded Up And Forceably Placed Into DNA Manipulation/Reprogramming/Reconditioning FEMA Camps. Obama & Hillary, Temp. Pres. Joe Biden Will Use The Fake Cancer Cure To Stop The So Called Zombie Virus That They Will Release On The American Public, But It Will Mutate Into Something Far Worse. The Fake Cancer Cure Being Nothing More Than A DNA Manipulation Tactic Which Is Part Of The MARK Of The BEAST-Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Nephilimic DNA Insertion-Gene Splicing-Changing A Normal Person To A Demon/Fallen Angel Spirit Possessed Monster With No Love, That They Can Control.

There Will Be Awsome Signs In The Sun, Moon, Stars, And Planets/Heavenly Bodies Above That Will Lead To Incredible Catastrophic Changes On The Earth Below. The Sudden Appearance Of The Blue Star Kachina A.K.A. DAY STAR, Foretold In 2nd Peter 1:19, Known As Sirius In Cosmic Outburst Mode, Will Lead To Many Of These Massive Earth Changes Because It Is The Trigger-Arrow Star Which Will Jump Start Earth’s Fiery Ascension Cycle Through Cosmic Energy-DNA Signals From Heaven/The Most High, That Will Lead To The Formation Of New Heavens And A New Earth As Well As Changes At The DNA Level Within Our Flesh Bodies That Will Bring Back The Time Of Immortals And Glorified Beings.

Pluto-The Horrible Star-Arcturus With Its Fearful Constellation-The Great Bear-Fiery Asteroid Bodies/Moons And Mars-The Destoyer With Its Poisonous Asteroid Bodies/Moons & Poisonous Pestilence/Flesh Eating Bacteria Filled Red Rust Dust Shroud/Cloud Will Start To Blanket The Earth With Intense Fire And Radioactive Hot Ash From Pluto-The Horrible Star-Horned Star That Will Blast The Earth And Its Wicked Inhabitants, Thus Killing Millions Within A Very Short Time.

Survivors Of The Initial Intense Rain Of Fire & Brimstone And Plasma Arc Lighting From Above Will Try To Work Out A Miserable Existence Under The Wicked NWO Order Who Will Send Out Search Parties For These People Who Are Left, Only To End Up In Hillary Clinton/Obama Run NWO Prison/Extermination Camps As They Are Put Under Extreme Duress To Take The Mark Of The BEAST-Chimeran DNA+Nano Chip Technology With Tracking Ability+False Doctrine Taken Willfully By Many Into The Mind/3rd Eye/Soul/Forehead. They Will Also Used A Special Substance Created From Black Goo, Which Is Ancient Primordial Base Matter That Is Located Within The Earth, A Form Of Special Liquid Crystal That Can Absorb Cosmic Energy, To Make Suits That Will Be Infused With The Body To Handle The Increasing Cosmic Energies From The Sun, Like A Fake Melanin Covering, Because Many People Will Become Snow White Due To A Disconnect From The Most High Power, Due To Their Hearts Being Evil/Unrighteous And It Showing Up Through The Flesh As This Extreme Curse. The Sun Will Eventually Become 7 Times Brighter And The Moon Will Shine Like Sun. The Hevenly Bodies/Planets Will Also Become 7 Times Brighter As Well As The Stars Because More Cosmic Energy Will Flow From Heaven Thus Transforming The Entire Earth Realm, Above & Below. SELAH

We Are In For An Extremely Rough Ride From Here Out And The Final Testing Of The Hebrews Will Occur Shortly Before The Catching Away Into The Garden Of Righteousness/Paradise Above/The 3rd Heaven/Wilderness, Right Before The Start Of The Great Tribulation At The Sounding Of The 7th Trumpet Judgement. Pluto-The Horrible Star, Its Fearful Fiery Constellation-The Great Bear-Big Dipper-Moons/Asteroid Bodies, And Mars-The Destroyer With Its Asteroid Bodies/Moons Plus Its Red Rust Pestilence Dust Cloud/Shroud Will Commence With An Intense Rain Of Major Fiery Destruction From Above When The First Trumpet Sounds.

But Before This First Trumpet Sounding Event Dealing With The Fiery Planet X System, The Gigantic Extremely Long Fiery Tail Of This Celestial Fire & Brimstone Breathing Dragon Will Lash/Whip The Earth Causing Much Initial Fiery Destruction During The 6th-7th Seal Dealing With Cosmic Disturbances, As The Wicked Cowardly Elite Scurry Into Their Holes Within The Earth/Rocks & Caves To Try To Hide From The Fiery Intense Wrath Of The Most High Power Of Israel.