Web users shocked at Trump’s surprise victory react with a string of tongue-in-cheek memes

Web users shocked at Donald Trump's surprise victory have reacted with a string of tongue-in-cheek memes. One likened the 70-year-old to Forrest Gump


Online jokers posted a picture of former president George W Bush raising a glass with a caption saying: 'Good luck America... and you thought I was an idiot'


As the 70-year-old's supporters prepared to celebrate the victory, shocked Twitter users took the opportunity to poke fun at the situation



One tweet shows an Air Canada jet taking off alongside two passports - along with the caption: 'Election night starter kit'


A scene from the comedy classic Airplane was used in one tongue-in-cheek meme this morning


One tweet imagined Trump and Clinton as divorced parents battling for custody of their children along with the words '...but we just wanna live with Gradpa Bernie'



Another Twitter user mocked up Mount Rushmore showing nervous-looking former Presidents




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