Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign Rally [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton had been drinking vodka the morning of a New Jersey campaign rally and was “visibly intoxicated,” a law enforcement source told True Pundit.

“She’d been hitting it (alcohol) early,” one member of Clinton’s Secret Service security detail told True Pundit.

Amazingly, the source acknowledged it wasn’t the first time Clinton enjoyed multiple cocktails prior to taking the stage at a campaign rally, fundraiser, or television appearance.

“It’s happened before but not that early in the day,” the source said.


Clinton was in Newark, NJ for a campaign rally at Rutgers University with Sen. Cory Booker and Jon Bon Jovi where the rock star endorsed her for president of the United States. Clinton was campaigning with Bon Jovi to boost her chances of defeating Bernie Sanders in New Jersey’s Democratic primary which would have almost clinched her nomination. Bon Jovi has previously stumped for her husband President Bill Clinton and served as a guest speaker at private Clinton Foundation events.

Clinton arrived in Newark on the morning of June 1. According to sources, Clinton and her Secret Service entourage entered a gate-controlled parking lot off of Washington Street in downtown Newark, near the Golden Dome Athletic Center at Rutgers’ Newark campus, the location of Clinton’s speech and rally later that day. Clinton and aide Huma Abedin were driven in Clinton’s custom, bulletproof van, sources said. That is where they met up with Sen. Booker, sources said.

Law enforcement  sources said Clinton seemed visibly liquored, at times loud and “animated” when she arrived prior to the scheduled 1:30 pm rally. Unwittingly, Clinton’s altered condition was captured on video and shared by Sen. Cory Booker on Twitter. Booker said he was filming Clinton’s arrival for his Snap-chat fans.

The Daily Wire described Clinton’s behavior in the video as acting “like an insane Bag Lady.” A bag lady is an urban term for homeless women who carry their clothes and belongings in shopping or garbage bags, usually pushed along the sidewalks and streets in shopping carts.

The former secretary of state dances(?) and approaches Booker’s cellphone as the senator tapes along enthusiastically.

“Secretary Clinton arriving right here,” declares Booker. “I’m just putting you on my Snapchat,” he laughs.

The senator then bellows: “Welcome to Jerrrsey!”

Hillary echoes the greeting: “Always happy to be here in Jerrrsey!!” she says with wild eyes.


Secret Service Detail: Hillary Clinton Was Drunk Morning of Campaign Rally