The upcoming election can be hacked, Trump already claiming it’s rigged


Sadly, there’s very little that seems to prevent elections in the United States from being completely rigged. Thanks to the staggering voter fraud numbers — which we recently learned is in the millions — any election can be swayed in one way or another. Potentially, though, the election can be hacked and skewed in a way that doesn’t need traditional voter fraud methods in order to succeed — and we should all be terrified as a result.

Since the beginning of the year, Donald Trump has been warning the American people that the leftists are trying to rig the election. While the mainstream media has made claims that this is just Trump trying to make excuses for an impending loss, there’s a lot of proof that there actually is corruption within the federal government.

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If the Regressive Left is willing to go to the lengths they are to cover up Hillary Clinton’s shadiness , then they are surely willing to go to even greater lengths to ensure that she is victorious — and considering that nobody in their right mind would ever willingly vote for such a despicable candidate, they’re having to rely on idiots and corruption to do their bidding.

Similarly, the Democrats themselves have warned of potential rigging in favor of the Republican Party. The Daily Sheeple reports, “73% of Republicans – and according to one poll, 41% of all voters – believe the election could be stolen by Clinton and her lackeys in the media. Democrats urgently warn that there’s a real threat that Russia could hack our election to steal it for Trump. The alternative media has been warning for years that America’s voting systems are so poorly-designed that it would be child’s play to steal an election.”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who the theoretical hackers are swaying the election in favor of, what really matters is that it is possible to rig the election. The United States of America is supposed to be the greatest power in the world, so it’s absolutely embarrassing that foreign powers could potentially be controlling the election. If these rumors are correct, then a Hillary victory could very well lead to World War III. The Russian powers have already threatened this and the widespread hatred of Clinton will only make matters worse.

Either way, we need to be prepared for the worst when it comes to the 2016 presidential election. Because no matter how it turns out, things aren’t going to be looking up…