Doctors Discovered Dead After Promoting Alternative Cure for Cancer

cancerDr. Jeff Bradstreet

Holistic doctors looking to cure cancer and eradicate harmful unnecessary medical procedures are being found dead in mysterious circumstances, mostly suicides.

The cure for cancer is a quest for Big Pharma and they want to make sure that it stays that way.

For decades, medical professionals, pharmaceutical labs and chemists from around the world have tried to find the antidote to cancer and year after year they fail miserably.

The cancer industry needs cancer to stay in business.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet ran a clinic in Georgia ‘treating children with Autism’ using unconventional methods.

He was a keen vaccine researcher and was working on a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF when he was found dead floating in a river with gunshot wounds to his chest in an “apparent suicide.”



The Last American Vagabond reports:

Recently, holistic doctors discovered a protein called Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) that was observed to eradicate cancer cells. It is a natural compound that empowers the body to cure itself. This breakthrough discovery could have vast implications for the future of cancer treatment. But nearly as soon as the news broke, controversy struck, and mystery shrouded what would have otherwise been huge news, internationally, and would have threatened to put the cancer industry in very choppy waters.