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Wikileaks Bombshells – Bush Stole Election, Obama Illegal Too! [VIDEO]


Published on Sep 24, 2016





This morning’s attack started around 7am and was aimed at Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company headquartered in New Hampshire. That first bout was resolved after about two hours; a second attack began just before noon. In both cases, traffic to Dyn’s Internet directory servers on the East Coast of the United States was stopped by a flood of malicious requests disrupting the system. Still ongoing, the situation is a definite reminder of the fragility of the web, and the power of the forces that aim to disrupt it.

Ripping Up the Telephone Book

Dyn offers Domain Name System (DNS) services, essentially acting as an address book for the Internet. DNS is a system that resolves the web addresses we see every day, like https://www.WIRED.com, into the IP addresses needed to find and connect with the right servers so browsers can deliver requested content, like the story you’re reading right now. A DDoS attack overwhelms a DNS server with lookup requests, rendering it incapable of completing any. That’s what makes attacking DNS so effective; rather than targeting individual sites, an attacker can take out the entire Internet for any end user whose DNS requests route through a given server.

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Doctors Discovered Dead After Promoting Alternative Cure for Cancer

cancerDr. Jeff Bradstreet

Holistic doctors looking to cure cancer and eradicate harmful unnecessary medical procedures are being found dead in mysterious circumstances, mostly suicides.

The cure for cancer is a quest for Big Pharma and they want to make sure that it stays that way.

For decades, medical professionals, pharmaceutical labs and chemists from around the world have tried to find the antidote to cancer and year after year they fail miserably.

The cancer industry needs cancer to stay in business.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet ran a clinic in Georgia ‘treating children with Autism’ using unconventional methods.

He was a keen vaccine researcher and was working on a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF when he was found dead floating in a river with gunshot wounds to his chest in an “apparent suicide.”



The Last American Vagabond reports:

Recently, holistic doctors discovered a protein called Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) that was observed to eradicate cancer cells. It is a natural compound that empowers the body to cure itself. This breakthrough discovery could have vast implications for the future of cancer treatment. But nearly as soon as the news broke, controversy struck, and mystery shrouded what would have otherwise been huge news, internationally, and would have threatened to put the cancer industry in very choppy waters.


The Clinton Foundation’s toxic legacy in Colombia will disturb you

Clinton Foundation

(NaturalNews) The Clinton Foundation is no stranger to public scrutiny, most of which has been centered around its donations and use of money. However, the organization’s beneficiaries, if you can really call them that, have their own story to tell – one that is wrought with exploitation and disenchantment.

On the surface, the Clinton Foundation seems like a decent non-profit corporation. The foundation’s website details the many avenues by which they purport to help people across the world. “What began as one man’s drive to help people everywhere grew quickly into a foundation committed to helping people realize their full potential. Because the best thing we can do together is give others the chance to live their best life stories.”

Of course, when they aren’t waxing poetic on the web, the Clintons are generally up to no good.

The truth is that the Clinton Foundation actually had a tremendous potential to do something great, but they chose to help themselves, and their ilk, rather than those less fortunate. And no place greater depicts this squandered potential than Colombia.

Colombia is a country that has been devastated by drug wars, lopsided development and decades of conflict. The nation has also been a point of focus for the Clinton Foundation. Bill and Hillary have become quite close with the country’s ruling party, visiting the country many times. Of course, Colombia is also home to Canadian financier Frank Giustra’s oil and gas holdings, and he’s one of the Foundation’s largest individual donors. But surely, that has nothing to do with their interest in the country.

Recently, The American Media Institute (AMI), a nonprofit news service based in Alexandria, Virginia, partnered with Fusion to investigate what, if any, impact the Clinton Foundation has had on Colombia. Together, they interviewed more than 50 people in the country, and found that the Colombian reality was a stark contrast to what the non-profit claims about its work.

Many of the Clinton Foundation’s so-called “success stories” were critical of the organization’s effect on their lives. For example, labor leaders and activists say that the programs launched by the non-profit harmed the environment and caused indigenous people to be displaced. The people of Colombia also say that the Clinton Foundation’s programs helped Giustra acquire a larger share of the nation’s energy and mining resources. Wealthy people helping other wealthy people become richer? Big surprise.

Giustra was also involved with a now-bankrupt oil company that used the Colombian military and surveillance programs to quash a strike being led by its workers. The aforementioned oil company also worked very closely with the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton-Giustra partnership in Colombia was supposed to be a thing of greatness – and the foundation certainly reported it as such. Fusion interviewed dozens of young women who took part in their training programs, business owners who sought to utilize their programs and people who worked for their largest donor’s oil company. What they found was that many of these people felt that they had been led on by the foundation, and got nothing from it.

Sandra Valdivieso is the owner of a fish market named Pescaderia Perlamar del Caribe. In 2013, she joined the Clinton Foundation’s “Acceso Oferta Loca” program – which was supposed to help match poor business owners with bigger, wealthier corporations and boost business. Valdivieso says they helped her business at first, but things changed after just a few months. Instead of selling directly to buyers, Accesso wanted her to start selling her fish to them – at a much lower price point. Accesso would then re-sell the fish, acting as a middleman and reeling in all the profits for themselves. Valdivieso left the program, stating that she was worried that she would lose her business if she remained.

Legendary local oil-workers’ union leader, Rafael Cabargas, was dismissive of the Clinton Foundation and Giustra’s efforts in Colombia. Indeed, Cabargas seems to have no illusions about the true nature of these so-called altruists.

“They are doing nothing for workers. I don’t even know what they are doing in this country other than exploiting poverty and extracting money.”




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055727_Clinton_Foundation_Colombia_toxic_legacy.html#ixzz4NoqQG4Du