PATHETIC! Chelsea Clinton, $10M Apartment, $3M Wedding, $600K Job, Private Jet – “I Just Don’t Care About Money.”




How in the Hell do you spend $3M on a wedding? Is the cake made out of cocaine? I know they can become expensive quickly what with food, decorations, reserving a location, paper products for invitations, etc. but damn three. million. dollars.


According to estimates and reports, the $2 million to $5 million event on Saturday includes:

$750,000 for catering, according to Brides magazine deputy editor Sally Kilbridge

$11,000 for the cake, which is reportedly gluten-free

$250,000 worth of jewelry for the bride

$109,000 for the tables and crockery for around 400 to 500 invitees

$600,000 in air-conditioned tents, complete with glass walls

$200,000 in extra security, paid for by the Clintons

$15,000 in high-class toilets, according to online gossip site TMZ

$500,000 in flowers arranged by Jeff Leatham, who’s worked with Madonna and other celebrities

Wine as a party favor from Clinton

Vineyards (which has no relation to the presidential family)

A Federal Aviation Administration-enforced no-fly zone from 3 p.m. Saturday to 3:30 a.m. Sunday over Rhinebeck, the small New York town that includes Astor Courts, a picturesque mansion that’s hosting the event and overlooks the Hudson River.

A majority of the money coming from food, tents, and flowers.



In this email, Laura Graham reveals to Bruce Lindsay and John Podesta that Chelsea Clinton is using foundation funds to pay for her personal FOR-PROFIT companies!

This is huge, this is bullet-proof evidence that one of the Foundation directors, Chelsea, is overriding internal controls. Podesta and longtime Clinton crony Bruce Lindsay, as board members, should have immediately reported this to the audit committee.

Opps, the Clinton Foundation has no audit committee, we know that from the leaked “Chelsea Investigation” of the foundation.

No wonder Laura was depressed and on the verge of suicide. She clearly saw there was a problem with the foundation’s accounting.


Added a longer, more detailed explanation

Email from Laura Graham to John Podesta and Bruce Lindsay.

Matt McKenna has requested via Bari and HR an increase of 1500 monthly in his foundation consultant work to cover what he claims and Bari claims is work he is doing on behalf of CVC as it relates to her role with CF.

The new breakdown of his total compensation would be as follows if we approve this: 4000 Foundation (2500 Non CVC + 1500 CVC) 2500 CESC 1500 CVC Office (For profit work)** I have no idea how they achieved what is a 50/50 split on his CVC work between her for profit and CF activities. **

Uh oh. I have an idea, they made it up!

I think it’s more heavily weighted toward her for profit and would think it would be closer to a 75/25 split.

Graham knows the amount Chelsea submitted is clearly bogus.

I have pushed back on Matt via HR several times asking for written justification and job responsibilities. He has given me nothing but generic statements so he’s being less than cooperative.

She has attempted to get evidence to support the claim this is a legitimate foundation expense and Matt was “less than cooperative”. Another badge of fraud, hiding information or refusing to provide information when asked.