WikiLeaks: Clinton Campaign Referred To Obama As ‘Crackhead’

Wikileaks reveal that Hillary Clinton campaign staff referred to Obama as a 'crackhead'


Wikileaks have released an email sent to John Podesta that show the Hillary Clinton campaign attempting to smear Barack Obama as a ‘crackhead’ and an ‘Islamic extremist’. 

In 2008, Clinton aides created a powerpoint presentation listing all of the tactics they could use to attack Barack Obama, focussing mostly on his alleged cocaine habit and Muslim background. reports:

In an email on January 18, 2008, Kristi Fuksa of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner research company shared a power point presentation with John Podesta and several advisers.

“Obama is not patriotic enough to be our president. His father was a Muslim and he grew up in the world’s most populated Islamic country,” read the question for voters. “At a recent public event he didn’t cover his heart during the national anthem and he has also recently stopped wearing an American flag pin.”