CAUGHT RED-HANDED: New WikiLeaks Email Shows Obama Directed Voter Fraud Scheme


If there’s one thing this administration is proficient at, its how to commit multiple felonies and still remain out of prison, it’s a talent no doubt nurtured on the South side of Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

This latest infraction is once again brought to us, not by any congressional oversight committee, or a phony FBI investigation, but by WikiLeakes, that whistle blowing website that has revealed in a span of just a few months the scope of the corruption that exists within this administration.


The latest revelation seems to have caught Obama once again committing another unlawful act, this one involving perhaps “voter fraud” in Colorado.

An email sent around the 2015 Colorado caucuses by John Podesta discuss the possibility of voter fraud with two Coloradans supporting Clinton and their concern about people who may be voting illegally.


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