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WIKILEAKS Hillary Micro Managed ISIS [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 13, 2016

Its a bold statement. But, Hillary and Obama created and manage ISIS. And they will do everything to distract the public’s awareness of this undeniable fact. A fact born of the globalists insatiable need to create an enemy and control both sides of endless wars and social engineering that add to the NWO trillion dollar treasure chest.


GOP Coup? Republican lawmakers contemplate withdrawing support for Trump [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 13, 2016

Every elected Republican is making a political calculation regarding Donald Trump: Is it necessary to support the nominee given recent controversies? How will it play with their constituents? It’s an unprecedented turn of events for any presidential candidate this late in the election season. John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation magazine, joins ‘News With Ed’ to talk about what lawmakers on the Republican side are saying.

RT’s fast reporting on Podesta email leak #6 sends Clinton campaign into conspiracy spiral [VIDEO]


Published on Oct 13, 2016

WikiLeaks released its sixth batch of emails between Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and campaign staff. This time RT was able to break the story before WikiLeaks tweeted about the release, by simply monitoring the WikiLeaks website. However some journalists and even Hillary Clinton’s campaign press secretary, Brian Fallon, tweeted that RT’s quick reporting was evidence of ‘collusion’ between Russia, WikiLeaks and Donald Trump. RT America’s Manuel Rapalo has the story.

CAUGHT RED-HANDED: New WikiLeaks Email Shows Obama Directed Voter Fraud Scheme


If there’s one thing this administration is proficient at, its how to commit multiple felonies and still remain out of prison, it’s a talent no doubt nurtured on the South side of Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

This latest infraction is once again brought to us, not by any congressional oversight committee, or a phony FBI investigation, but by WikiLeakes, that whistle blowing website that has revealed in a span of just a few months the scope of the corruption that exists within this administration.


The latest revelation seems to have caught Obama once again committing another unlawful act, this one involving perhaps “voter fraud” in Colorado.

An email sent around the 2015 Colorado caucuses by John Podesta discuss the possibility of voter fraud with two Coloradans supporting Clinton and their concern about people who may be voting illegally.


TOTAL and EPIC SH*T – Obamcare is literally collapsing before our eyes, the biggest Democrat failure in US history!


Obama care was the biggest non military disaster in modern US History. Wealth redistribute and taxes do not work. I have the silver ppo in Illinois and my wife could not see her doctor. I had to pay out of pocket. Obama lied when he promised we could keep our Doctor.

All Obamacare provisions are a literally a recipe for destruction of individual insurance markets.
Then the plan was for the “mislabeled” Cadillac tax, which is tied to CPI and will hit 75% of ALL plans within 10 years, to end employer insurance and along with it, the biggest tax deduction on IRS books.
Voila! Medicaid for All single payer sneaked in the back door.
Small wonder Pelosi and Reid ran over Obama last year to delay the politically toxic Cadillac tax until 2020. It hits unions first and would have cost Hillary the election.
“Lack of transparency was a huge political advantage…Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for Obamacre to pass.”
-Dr. Jonathan Gruber, MIT health care economist and architect of Obamacare, who in 2014 was promptly thrown under the bus by Obama after videotapes of Gruber letting the cat out of the bag finally surfaced.

ObamaCare Individual Mandate Fine Hit 8 Million People This Year

Roughly 8 million people faced ObamaCare individual mandate penalties this year totaling more than $3 billion, an analysis of the latest IRS data reveals.

Despite the controversy and high-stakes legal battle that has surrounded the individual mandate, the scope of the penalties paid this year has gone unreported by major news outlets as attention has focused on ObamaCare’s latest and most glaring problems: weak enrollment, surging premiums, and insurer losses that have provoked the exit of UnitedHealth (UNH), Aetna (AET) and Humana (HUM) from most state exchanges.
Yet ObamaCare’s mounting problems should only serve to intensify questions about the wisdom and fairness of the individual mandate. The root of all of those ObamaCare problems is that far too many people — even those eligible for big subsidies — see the plans as either unaffordable or such a bad deal that they’re willing to risk paying a fine.

Another reason for the lack of coverage may be that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen issued two ObamaCare reports to Congress on the extent of penalties paid last year, including one in July 2015, but has been silent about this year’s mandate fines.

Yet the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service included some preliminary statistics on 2016 ObamaCare mandate payments, officially called the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment, when it issued its below-the-radar annual tax season review on July 7. As of April 30, 5.6 million tax returns included mandate payments averaging $442 per return, compared with 6.6 million tax forms including average payments of $190 at the same point in 2015.

More recent data from the IRS wrapping the past tax year show that the final tally for 2015 ObamaCare Mandate fines included payments on 8.1 million tax returns averaging $210 for a total of $1.7 billion.