BREAKING: Hillary’s Hired ASSASSIN Confesses…”She Wanted Me To Silence…”


Most people are familiar with Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, but what many may not realize is the extent of Hillary Clinton’s ruthless plan to further victimize the many women he sexually assaulted. The Clintons decided to settle the sexual assault lawsuit of one of Bill’s accusers, Paula Jones…

Those other women were in Hillary’s way, and she took action to ensure their claims went away for good.

Jared K. Stern, a former Marine and Intelligence Officer, came forward in 1999 after he was contacted by a Hillary staffer to meet in an underground garage. Stern’s cryptic comments insinuate that he was tasked to target Kathleen Willey, one of the women Bill Clinton allegedly sexually assaulted.

Stern said, “I met him [a Hillary staffer] in this underground garage, we discussed ‘the tasking’ then I left to carry it out.” Stern won’t discuss exactly what he was hired to do, but he was so uneasy about it and felt compelled to immediately contact Kathleen Willey and warn her using the alias “Kirk.”

He called the woman and told her “there are people out there who want to hurt you.” Stern went on to say that this is a regular thing with the Clintons. They have hired private detectives to investigate women linked to her husband, to find ways to harass and subjugate them.

BREAKING: Hillary’s Hired ASSASSIN Confesses…”She Wanted Me To Silence…”