Uncovered Footage: Watch This Video Of Bill Clinton Actually Grabbing A Woman By The P***y


Published on Oct 5, 2016


While hypocrite Hillary Clinton is “shocked” by a newly released video showing Donald Trump making some raunchy comments when referring to women, we are curious if she was equally as shocked when she saw a video of her husband actually acting out the very same.


As you’ll see in the uncovered ABC footage below, Bill Clinton didn’t realize he was on camera until it was too late. Moreover, it appeared to be an uncomfortable grope for the woman sitting to his right, because as soon as he sticks his hands between her legs she grabs his arm and moves it off to the side.

Watch for yourself and decide which is worse, a man making a comment about his sexual fantasies with women, or a married President of the United States actually acting them out in what appears to be a very inappropriate, if not criminal, way?

Though she is hammering Trump for being a sexist, Hillary Clinton has thus far avoided re-tweeting the following video capture to her 9 million followers.


Disturbing Audio of Hillary Clinton Laughing About Defending Child Rapist



Published on Jun 5, 2016

An audio of Hillary Clinton Laughing about defending a Child Rapist. Hillary Clinton’s actions are extremely disturbing and shows she lacks a moral compass. Do we really want Hillary as President? Hillary is about Hillary and only cares about herself.